History Repeats Itself!

Millennials quote on the social media today like unicorns in an acid dream. Everyone loves to quote the quotes and hit ‘likes’ like a newborn unknown to the human kind. I hesitate frequently to vibrate on the social media in-sync with the borrowed quotes owing to their linear nature of distribution. By linear nature, I... Continue Reading →



After the morning ablutions, I like to make tea. I start with a pan with the right kind of distorted lower lip shape at one of its top end for easy pouring. I satiate it with water and tea leaves and escalate their chemistry by raising their temperature. When the tea leaves have colored the... Continue Reading →


It is never too late to apologize, To take the load of your chest, Forgiveness not guaranteed though! It is never too late to avenge, Kill what has caused pain, Peace, still, is doubtful! It is always too late to take a break To zone out for a moment, Comeback is definite then! So Relax!... Continue Reading →

Almost Immortal!

Living so long, almost being immortal! Too young to be too old Too old to be too fresh Too fresh to be too stale Too stale to be still alive The wise with their wisdom The naïve with their ignorance The special with their weirdness And the nothings with their emptiness All perish with zilch... Continue Reading →

Somras – The Forbidden Elixir!

Contemplating to digest the content of a BBC documentary "The Story of India" a few months ago, which, during a conversation between the presenter and an old afghan native, described the ingredients of Somras!, brought my senses back to a chapter of the book "Immortals of Meluha" (Indian Mythological story given a try to be written in... Continue Reading →

Life Layers!

'Keep it simple', everyone keeps asserting! 'Every entity is to be shredded down to the simplest details so that everyone can understand!' I absolutely do not think that everyone is entitled or even interested to understand everything! I feel one needs to understand all layers of the job at hand, and then simplify for oneself!... Continue Reading →

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