Light seeker’s last wish 

The light at the end of the tunnel will blind me of my character and trait

The darkness is where I once resided

I am crossing over now

Dim subliminal illumination is my genre 

Keeping the lessons learnt in sight 

And the addiction to black in check 

I walk over to a bright New world

I hope I crossover to the brightness and not get stuck in the dim gray world

I would like the gentle diligence to last this time!

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Crossing


The Platonic Dream

I look into the eyes of the character and shake the hand,

with the gratitude of a beggar being bestowed with a dollar,

and the wisdom of a wolf with the prey in sight,

My love for this world is platonic!

It is devoid of the pleasures of the body,

It is devoid of the monetary lure,

It is saturated with the thought of knowledge,

Knowing the present!

I like now to be existential,

I like now to be skeptical,

I will be dead before I know everything!

I am alive gathering the pieces,

Of life which exists because we do,

Of death being the Renewal,

Of a meaning being the need of the hour,

Of a truth which is as absolute as it is relative,

Of a claim that makes them the rulers!

Of a dream that makes me a poet,

Of a clue that will lead to freedom!

The sign of the philosopher king!

The platonic president, the utopian prime minister and the quixotic master!

They all exist, in my dreams!


“Meanwhile, this conversation never happened –

Socrates: I want to ask you – what is freedom?

Plato: Being reborn in this century, I think I need to be more updated with current affairs to answer this question

Socrates: But how do you know the knowledge being provided is true and correct?

Plato – By being Platonic!”

Permanent Philosophical Predicament!

The brain is a microscope, the heart is a telescope!

Focus is shaky, and a blur sometimes!

The target is a shape shifter, tiny at first, cyclopean at a close shave!

Taking a step back clears up my heart, but my brain is fuzzy then!

Am I an artist, or a scientist? The sweet spot is a momentary lapse of judgement!

The heart’s the management, the brain’s the techie!

Hovering too high, flying too low!

Into the deep abyss, but not all the way though!

The balance is momentary, the conclusion is half baked!

We are still forging our way ahead, philosophical blindness is probable!

Daily Post – Daily Prompt



The life is like a lake, stagnant. It only moves when a stone is lodged in its heart!

Society with its manners! Behavioral acceptance is at large! The underground weird cult is deemed anti-society!

The lumberjack is still cutting trees! or chopping them down! But he has a sense of global warming now! Riding his ethical dilemma!

The politician is still corrupt and famished for power, but democracy is the mask!

The common man is very uncommonly odd in the thoughts! Change is surprisingly slow, and life is as plain as the yogurt.

Hope against Hope! They all do! Hope against Hope!


Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Underground

The Contemporary Revolutionist!

There was a time when he used to be free. Actually, there were moments. Small moments. Then things went wrong. He went to strange extremities to fix them. Some worked, some didn’t. He has a tendency to run, physically and metaphorically. So when it was the moment to fight, he ran. He ran far. He is still here. He has stolen his own silence. He wishes to run away, further. He wishes to hide, up there or maybe below somewhere. And never return. They say karma is a bitch, He says it’s just the payback u never expected! They say time heals everything, He says time steals everything and one learns to pretend eventually! They say there will be peace; He hopes to get a piece. The sorrow grows bigger when denied. Its becomes mammoth when not even recognized. They own hi m. They try to run him. So he runs away. He does not fight, because they taught him not to.

He dreams a lot, even when he is wide awake. He dreams of people dying. He dreams of living his life with the people he loves. He creates his own situations with them. He creates his own dream world. Wide awake. The good news is that he can still separate the dreams from reality. But he knows in sometime, he will lose that ability. Because when sometimes he thinks that something really happened, and it turns out to be dream, it scares him. Maybe it will never happen. Maybe it will happen tomorrow. Maybe he is not even reading this! He will come back to check later!

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