Murphy’s Law

Edward Aloysius Murphy Jr. was an American aerospace engineer who worked on safety-critical systems. He once said “If there’s more than one way to do a job, and one of those ways will result in a disaster, then somebody will do it that way” working at Wright-Patterson Air-force base in late 1940’s, which later was... Continue Reading →


History Repeats Itself!

Millennials quote on the social media today like unicorns in an acid dream. Everyone loves to quote the quotes and hit ‘likes’ like a newborn unknown to the human kind. I hesitate frequently to vibrate on the social media in-sync with the borrowed quotes owing to their linear nature of distribution. By linear nature, I... Continue Reading →


You are Agile until someone deciphers your technique, puts it in a process and delivers to the highest bidder. Then, you are just a competitor to everyone who bought your process. e.g. Facebook bought Instagram So rich people win, even with a little bit of wit. Unless you open source it, then it is in... Continue Reading →


  Both stood side by side, to the naked eyes of many looking for Illumination The one to the right was bright and tangible The one to the left seemed far away but was mesmerizing and beautiful The dreamers and the realists made their choice, respectively I just lost focus uncovering the layers from both... Continue Reading →

Please Yourself!

A lot of us may know the name "John Locke" from the famous TV series "Lost". But that lot might not remember his character's real name "Jeremy Bentham". His character went through a lot of pain during his life before the plane crashed into the island where he found himself absolved of all pain and... Continue Reading →

My Rhythm and Meter

My poetic rhythm is in resonance with the vibration of my heart! It syncs with inconsistencies of emotions Sometimes it’s ‘la di da di da’! Rarely its ‘lub dub lub dub lub dub’! And also the ‘thump baboom thump baboom’!   Its meter is a dictator of my own gestures It harmonizes with the weirdness of my own movements, Sometimes, it’s a poker-face to the question asked! Otherwise it’s a smile when the focus is in requisition! Rarely it’s the forehead-lines accurately depicting the pondering-over!... Continue Reading →


After the morning ablutions, I like to make tea. I start with a pan with the right kind of distorted lower lip shape at one of its top end for easy pouring. I satiate it with water and tea leaves and escalate their chemistry by raising their temperature. When the tea leaves have colored the... Continue Reading →

Memoir of a Philosophical Scientist

To err is human. To simplify is very human. To simplify for one’s own convenience is where the two intersect! There is no absolute, but relative! Relative to your upbringing! Relative to your environment! Relative to your hand print on someone else’s face! The only absolute is the fundamental, not the numbers! The only constant... Continue Reading →

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