The Pursuit of the Randomly Chaotic!

Every time is sometime a bad option

Option is also an option to choose from

To choose is to choose what feels right

To feel is the feeling of a feel

Taking a right doesn’t mean it is right

Odd is oddly odd

And even is evenly even

Left is where you left me

And to complicate I feel totally complicated

Life is all about living

And death is all about dying

To take is to give and to give is to take

Listening to the right tune is all about tuning to the right channel

Channeling a thought takes thinking

Thinking about you makes me think

Thoughts cross my mind like butterflies in a cloud of smoke

Who needs stuff to get high?


P.S : This poem is the generalization of the feelings of a chaotic mind trying to justify a randomly bad decision resulting in an extreme predicament!


Somras – The Forbidden Elixir!

Contemplating to digest the content of a BBC documentary “The Story of India” a few months ago, which, during a conversation between the presenter and an old afghan native, described the ingredients of Somras!, brought my senses back to a chapter of the book “Immortals of Meluha” (Indian Mythological story given a try to be written in a cool way) for a moment, where Lord Shiva is chatting up with Daksha who is describing the Somras as an Elixir created by Lord Brahma, the Creater god, who is supposed to have written all 4 Vedas (Fact: The Vedas are the most ancient scriptures in the whole world). This conversation describes Somras as ‘ the drink of Gods’ which keeps them young eternally – mentally and Physically! Brahma never gave out this elixir to anybody knowing what would happen if it fell in wrong hands. He chose his disciples himself and trained them to be social helpers and never to take any cash or kind in return for their work and live only on donations.

This was a very rigorous lifestyle, but then to remain young forever and have the best health physically and mentally forever is a big incentive!

So,back to the interesting bit; the ingredients for Somras as described in the BBC documentary were – Marijuana, Poppy Seed and Ephedra. Now we all know what Marijuana and Poppy Seed are. Ephedra, as described in Wikipedia:

Ephedra is a medicinal preparation from the plant Ephedra sinica. Several additional species belonging to the genus ephedra have traditionally been used for a variety of medicinal purposes, and are a possible candidate for the Soma plant of Indo-Iranian religion. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years. Native Americans and Mormon pioneers drank a tea brewed from other ephedra species, called “Mormon tea” and “Indian tea”.’

This definition is backed by a lot of scientific and medicinal sites too.

Excerpt from another site: “Ephedra is used for weight loss and obesity and to enhance athletic performance. It is also used for allergies and hay fever; nasal congestion; and respiratory tract conditions such as bronchospasm, asthma, and bronchitis. It is also used for colds,flu, swine flu, fever, chills, headache, inability to sweat, joint and bone pain, and as a “water pill” to increase urine flow in people who retain fluids.”

Now adding the Known (Facts) and the Mythological, It is quite possible that a drink called “Somras” existed back in time which kept humans young for a very long time (I did not use the word Immortal because lets not exaggerate too much and stay real! and not to forget – No pollution or Population problem at that time, May be not even AIDS or CANCER!).

Upon more research, I found that Ephedra was a very famous dietry pill in America until it was banned! Ephedra helps with controlling the diet and preventing Obesity. It was banned due to health issues and even deaths caused by its wrong or over dosage.

On the other side of the ingredients of this elixir, Marijuana is being established as the modern day alternative for psychological and neuro- related drugs. It has been legalized in a couple of states America already and is gaining medicinal value by the second.

Poppy Seed seems to be flavor element here. It seems pretty reasonable that such an elixir existed (or still exists in Afghanistan as shown in the documentary) and maybe helped stay young for a long time! Maybe we will never find out how it worked, or why!

Note: Do your own research, Don’t be lazy and spout my words out to your social circle!

Picture Acknowledgement: BBC Documentary: The Story of India – Episode 1 – Beginings – 37.37 (This is where the presenter is drinking the modern day Somras in Afghanistan)

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Life Layers!

‘Keep it simple’, everyone keeps asserting! ‘Every entity is to be shredded down to the simplest details so that everyone can understand!’

I absolutely do not think that everyone is entitled or even interested to understand everything! I feel one needs to understand all layers of the job at hand, and then simplify for oneself!

If a simplified version is shoved down your throat, you will never try to disassemble the layers and understand deeply. Now, things change with time, and not knowing about the skeletons in the deeper closet of what you are about to update, you will only be able to apply changes w.r.t the simplest understanding that you have about this entity! The knowledge of the deep trenches would enable you to update it perfectly with time!

I think the real thought was to simplify things for yourself, but do remember to note down the important deeper points which would need to be updated with time!

One such entity is Religion! In my opinion. when any religion was formed, the common population did not either have the mentality or the intellect to understand all of its teachings. But as the Individuals who formed these religions are looked at – ‘ Godly, Saintly, with super natural powers’, what I think they really did was to simplify their teachings w.r.t the demand of that time. But, again, they were teachers, not preachers and hence they did not market themselves to the common folks. They just interacted with them and told them what they thought would make the most sense to solve their problems. The humans at that time were very impressed with these teachings and followed everything with the highest level of honesty and devotion. But one flaw caused these Religions to be controlled by the Capitalistic society later, its non-understanding to the deepest level by the common folks. These ‘Gods’ and/or “Sons of Gods” as a high percentage of human population revere to them, wrote the ‘Holy Books’ to record their findings and understanding of life! It was their perspective, and they never asked anybody to follow it! But what they could have done was to explain, in detail, why or how they ended upon writing such an important document about life, and its layers! They should have found  a way to communicate it across the passage of time efficiently!

Also, Science was not available/ accepted to explain at least a percentage of any Religion at that time either!

One Religion/ or Community that did a great job at his was Buddhism!

The below mentioned 4 elements are part of Buddhist teachings:

1) listening to yourself
2) using silence as a part of speech
3) listening to others
4) speaking slowly, clearly, and concisely

Example: A girl was sitting in a coffee shop with a friend. She said” I am partnering with a new company!” What she expected was a big congratulations from her friend but instead got ““Have you thought about what happens if it doesn’t work out?”

This bummed her out, but she took a pause, and thought about her friend’s personality and surprisingly now, her question made much more sense, as she knew that her friend just gave out an opinion according to how she will react to this situation!

She replied “When you asked me that question, it made me feel frustrated.”

This example goes on to demonstrate that Buddhism taught generic principals, if followed, would never be affected by time!

The advancement of anything with time will never affect your ability to listening to yourself, taking a pause to think between a conversation, listening to others and speaking with caution. These qualities solve a lot of life situations of miscommunication and misunderstanding! They lead to a reasonable discussion of a subject!

There were different kinds of teachers too, we call them Scientists, Discoverers, Inventors and Philosophers. But if you want to know their teachings, you will have to read their books. Most of them were particularly not very interested in simplifying their theories for everyone. They did simplify it to the level where the deeper intricacies were not touched by this simplification!  They never said they were super humans, but had high level of IQ ,as proved by the science.

To sum up, the layers of life are to be unfolded by yourself and not by someone who existed back in time or present or will exist in the future! It is you who has to find the best options available which make you satisfied and reasonable in your daily routines!

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Picture Acknowledgement – David Choe Graffiti




Sitting in a bar, I said to him

” You see how these clouds keep passing us by?”

“Hmm”, He said

I continued….

“The clouds keep travelling miles and miles

Do you ever look at a cloud and find it familiar?

Do you ever realize that you have seen it before?

May be it keeps coming back to look at you, your situation!

May be it keeps coming back to put shade on you, and you never realize!

and may be it pours on you when you crave the season’s first rain!

and may be it steps aside, when you need the sunshine in your life?!

Do you ever imagine that?”

“My sky is devoid of clouds”,he said


Bon Voyage!

I keep waiting for the call. I keep waiting for the light. It is not real, I know. It is in my heart. It is pure, I know. It is the pursuit of pure happiness. It is like poetry, surreal imagination.

It will be a voyage of epic proportions. It will be a journey of my lifetime. It will arrive, soon.

I have heard that some humans longed for it all their lifetime, but it did not come.

But I am not afraid to wait. I am not afraid to grab it once it hints its arrival. The likelihood of its occurrence is highly unlikely, but the highly unlikely is always more likely to happen anyways!

This voyage will give me wings of imagination; it will induce the muscles of experience, it will fill the void of emptiness, it will empty my half-filled glass of water and fill it with somras!

This journey will push me off the edge and then I will fly over the fields of confusion and misery and reach the barn of intrigue and control.

The light will blind me of my doubts and I will smell the fragrance of clarity then!

The tunnel of anxiety will end and I will arrive at the junction I need to refill my calm at! Then I will carry on!

It will last a lifetime, and it will create the time of my life!

Bo Voyage, to myself!

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The Contemporary Revolutionist!

There was a time when he used to be free. Actually, there were moments. Small moments. Then things went wrong. He went to strange extremities to fix them. Some worked, some didn’t. He has a tendency to run, physically and metaphorically. So when it was the moment to fight, he ran. He ran far. He is still here. He has stolen his own silence. He wishes to run away, further. He wishes to hide, up there or maybe below somewhere. And never return. They say karma is a bitch, He says it’s just the payback u never expected! They say time heals everything, He says time steals everything and one learns to pretend eventually! They say there will be peace; He hopes to get a piece. The sorrow grows bigger when denied. Its becomes mammoth when not even recognized. They own hi m. They try to run him. So he runs away. He does not fight, because they taught him not to.

He dreams a lot, even when he is wide awake. He dreams of people dying. He dreams of living his life with the people he loves. He creates his own situations with them. He creates his own dream world. Wide awake. The good news is that he can still separate the dreams from reality. But he knows in sometime, he will lose that ability. Because when sometimes he thinks that something really happened, and it turns out to be dream, it scares him. Maybe it will never happen. Maybe it will happen tomorrow. Maybe he is not even reading this! He will come back to check later!

The luminous curves of the city

“Take a step back to understand the bigger vision” they said!

I just flew towards the sky to feast on this city’s curves

The city was lit and unlit, flashing its curves and hiding its inadequacies

The light ran like an algorithm designed to soothe one’s mind and body

As I took a few steps back with my back facing the sky

The City exposed its luminous personality,

The vision was prophetic, ushered a smile on my face

And my eyes were lit with the city’s glory!

A closer look is what I crave now!

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Nature is a vast mystical entity to capture. It is a harmony of innumerable orderly chaotic sub-entities. It is a poetry in its own time and space. It is a song being written and played at the same time. It is a melody in your head which you absolutely love, but do not understand!  It is an echo across the hall which strikes back and gives you goosebumps! It is a phenomena you claim is Godly! It is an amalgamation of the plethora of different living and non-living empires and their stories! It is a perception, to each its own!

It is in your nature to act like you want to, like you need to or maybe like you are forced to! Well, the latter is basically against your nature! It is a balance of the rainbow of thoughts that cloud your head every split second! It is the bigger picture, beautiful or ugly!  It is Everything but Nothing ! It is the Whole !



The Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Natural


“Faith is subjective. It is subjective to what you let yourself to believe in. You can believe in a Godly existence without physically experiencing it. You can believe in your friends, peers, mentors, siblings, parents and even in your pets. What matters is, you get to hear what you want to hear!”

To me, all the phenomenal entities titled “Gods” or “Sons/ Daughters of Gods” were really wise and intelligent beings who had the ability to think ahead of their time and they devised simple ways to keep the lesser educated/ less wise/ average minded population to stay in peace, love and away from danger. They wrote the “holy books” to define how they thought the society should function in order to create more harmony and love among us. They gave their views on all walks of life – Leadership, Family, Parenthood, Social Causes of their time and matters of the mind and heart. But remember, they never preached! In my personal opinion, their devising of simple ways to make the average population follow them in the time when science was unavailable to simplify the understanding is what caused the communication gap for generations to come. Also, adding to this realization that common folks could be controlled easily with religious beliefs being blown out of their simple form and presented as “unexplained feats” made the rulers of that time take advantage of religion and preach it in a way that satiated the guilty conscious minds of the people to be ruled.

These holy men never preached their teachings, they presented themselves as teachers. These teachings were molded according to the requirements of these rulers with the passage of time. I think religious holy books needed to be updated as the time changed, but that was not done because the rulers started owning and manipulating them. I think everything needs to be updated with time. If a laptop was used only by a few upper ruling class capitalistic society jerks, a huge general population would have easily led to praying in front of these gadgets. But science and freedom of knowledge has led to this plethora of amazingly phenomenal inventions and discoveries being made available to common average human population which makes most of us understand how these gadgets/ commodities work and hence we are not are as amazed by them as we are with the religion we follow. If the same laptop was not updated with respect to time and life’s need and evolving nature, we would never had made such great advancements in such less time in many fields. We are literally disposed to using a vast variety of software to develop products ranging from a safety pin to the cars that drive themselves. Imagine if nobody really knew how these cars are developed, and they were available to only a privileged few, others would consider these as magical vehicles.

But let us not forget how amazingly blind faith works. If you have anxiety, stress or a situation where you feel helpless, you always run to the person or entity you have faith and belief in. The society was knit with the religious wool for so long that these religious beliefs actually make us feel good, if we were made to believe in them as a child. If we were too rebellious as a child and/or our parents were already atheists, then we might have faith in something or somebody else which we have a better understanding of. The point being, faith works wonders, no matter what you believe in! So, stop judging and get on with your own beliefs.  But then if humans would not judge, how will they satiate their gossip appetite. Anyways, the observation that hurts me is that there are still some sects/ groups which carry on this old aristocratic tradition of making people follow blind faith (read without reasonable explanations) to their own benefit. They make it a business of sorts.

An easy way to differentiate a business form of a faith from a true form is to notice if this faith is being taught or preached!

No wise and intelligent being with the slightest intention of only good would ever preach!

Humans tend to follow a herd and so buying the initial set of humans and making them market your beliefs to sell them to a wider market of human population is what works these days.

Also, a few unexplained feats (easily possible with the help deep scientific research) and a few fabled stories of your spiritual success, and we have a new “Son of God” preaching his ultimate teachings!

I do not mind different philosophies of different saints these days, unless they grow so power hungry that they preach until it is down your pie hole!

But again, it all boils down to what you really want to hear, deep down!

You want to hear that everything is going to be alright, everything will fall into place, your life would be perfect, if you performed some rituals!

I know taking a dip in the holy Ganges in India would not make your conscious clear of sins, but I can imagine that in the very old times, when the Ganges was not polluted at all, the passersby would have had an amazingly phenomenal experience taking a dip in it. And not knowing the science of how this took away their tiresome thoughts, they must have considered it a holy river. Adding to the water it must have provided for irrigation (the main occupation of most humans at that time) and how fertile the lands around this river would have been. To summarize, update your beliefs with time.

Your life would be close to perfect if you ever read the Murphy’s Law – “things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance,” or more commonly, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

You cannot control the doings of so many beings around you, which basically leads to what happens to you. But you can keep an eye out for everything you are responsible for. Just what you are responsible for! But now we cannot get everyone to follow a perfect routine, can we?

So we end up having these hiccups in the daily life we like to call fate!

We like to blame, because it kinds of absolves us of our own shortcomings!

But if everybody became perfect, how would we ever define the good from the bad? And then the one who chose to do wrong in this situation, will surprise us to our guts, as we would never have had anticipated even a drop of sin!

The balance of all kinds of energy in this universe is mysteriously (read beyond our understanding because it is just too much data to simplify) maintained by nature. We do understand the micro events and exchange of energies because science has given us the power to do so, but we always tend not to extrapolate it just to get a wider vision of fate!

It is important to have all kinds of energies (read good and bad) because if only white light took over, it would blind us to the beautiful night and the stars!

“A leap of faith can also lead you into a ditch! But have you ever spent a lot of time in a ditch? It could be interesting in its own way if you kept your heart and mind open!”

A couple of poems (in Hindi and Urdu) to further exfoliate my feelings:


“Ganga dhaam par snan kiya, Yamuna nadi ka paani piya, chaaron teerath darshan kiya,

to kya mil gayi tujhe mukti? Dhul gaye tere paap?

Ek dharrale main tu phir, Ban gaya sabka baap?

badal gayi teri soch, lag gayi naiya paar?

Sachai se aankh churakar shuru kiya prachaar?

Ab matki tere paap ki, jab phirse lagi hai bharne!

To gao mata ka mutar peekar shuddhi lagi tujhe chadne?

Baba ji ki sharan main jakar naye challe banvayega?

Janam patri ki gatha sunkar apne log gavayega?

Jai Shri Krishan, Insha Allah, samay tera bhi aayega!

Wahe Guru, Isa Masi milkar tujhe rulayega!

DHONGI hai tu tere Dhong ki soch kaun paltayega!

DHONGI hai tu tere Dhong ki soch kaun paltayega!”


“Aasmaan se khoon baras raha hai! Aansoon ankhon se sukh chuke hain!

Ibadat ka sahara to le lete, Par Khuda ke naam par hi katleaam hai!

Us vakht ko yaad karte hain, jab Vakht ki ahmiyat baaki thi!

Insaan ki Insaaniyat barkaraar thi!

Aur Khuda ki Khudai ISHQ*E*HAQIQI thi!

Ab to bas ISHQ*E*MAJAAZI hai, aur kaartooson ka karvaan hai!

Woh door se nazara dekh hanste hain!

Ki kitna aasan tha insaan ki ROOH ko MAILA karna!”

P.S: These are just my thoughts! Read, Enjoy, Hate, Love or do whatever with them, Just do not absolutely believe them! You got to understand them your own way, if you want to! Perception, to each his own!



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