Organized Chaos

Episode 1 – The Introduction

He sat alone in the house thinking he could get away by closing all doors like when he used to do as a kid! He was watching television as if nothing has changed.He was not thinking about anything but was purely engrossed into this bollywood drama where the climax was about to reveal the real killer. It seemed like a routine is being followed without the utmost care about the rampage about to surface!

He was sipping whiskey and munching on tacos and salsa. Heavy panting, deep breaths and a big ponch kept him company. He had been a good citizen, a great husband, an awesome manager and an average human being. For a moment of lapse of attention to the climactic drama, he gazed at the open window and the dust particles gleaming in the light entering. The curtains swinging and giving way to the fresh air. But then he thought ” Is the air really fresh? Or is it just the momentary amazement that makes me think it is?”

He smiled at his own thought and went back to munching tacos and salsa and returning all his energy back to the film playing on the television. This was his fourth drink, and he was on the verge of sleeping on the couch. His eyelids were on the mercy of the revelation of the real killer, resisting but not giving up! Eventually, he was snoring momentarily in half sleep when the door bell rang!This was unexpected! It brought him back to consciousness in a whiff!He sat back up on the couch, his boxers hanging from his butt, and his brain started concocting alibis to able him to ignore this knocking.

“Who comes to someone’s place at 2pm? They must know I am in the office! There is no need to open. I will just lie down and listen to the knocking until it fades away! ”

A smile emerged from this thought. He looked back at the television and the climax was already over! He had missed the final revelation after spending 2 hours watching the initial set up of characters.He gasped in discomfort and lapped back into the couch putting the blanket all over his body and his face. But he got up back again, pushed the blanket inside and rushed to the bathroom. Something had hit his mind all of a sudden!

He launched the biggest deuce he had ever experienced in his life as soon as he sat on the toilet seat. He could never take pressure, especially when it is generated from his stomach to the intestines! Maybe the momentary panic triggered this! Maybe it was about time! But whatever it was, it gave him the satisfaction of an empty stomach and the urge to eat more!

“The newspaper should be here somewhere!?” he said to himself. But he could not find it! And so he started to think while his intestines churned out the trash.

“I was always a happy kid. I was always loved by everyone, and still am! But why does this loving and caring is not able to fill the gap of freedom in my heart? Why do I lounge so much to find a day all for myself? and all I am able to do is sleep, eat and drink to my own! I need to use this day off more productively! I should go out and walk the city! I will form my own opinion of everyone and everything! Yes! ”

He went through the morning ablutions and got to the wardrobe to choose what to wear. He glanced into the mirror with the towel on and realized the mirror does not love him much! He looked like a big balloon of air with a head and limbs. He hated himself for this moment, but then turned towards the wardrobe and selected a red polo neck t-shirt and a beige pant with loafers for today’s adventure. This was the most fancy casual dressing thought that popped up in his mind. Actually this was the only time he had ever brushed his eloquence for the society. Now he looked at the mirror again ” I do not look that bad at all. Clothes do transform people!”

He opened a drawer to grab his wallet but found the welcrow opened. He suspected fowl for a minute but then moved on from the thought owing to the financial proficiency of his wallet. He was walking towards the door with the vigor of an elephant about to fight a dinosaur. He had not felt so exhilarated for such a long time now! He was ready for the warmth of the weekday sun and the cool breeze. He was ready for the hip and cool people of his city. He was ready to embrace change, a new and fresh change!

He opened the door and walked out like a boss.

“shit, it is too hot! I should go grab my goggles”

He went back and closed the door behind his back. From the time he started from the door to the time he reached the side drawer of his bedroom wardrobe to grab the goggles, his excitement died out! He looked at his bed and all he wanted to do was sleep. He looked in the mirror again “I am not going to lie down on that bed” he started saying to himself again and again.Repeating the line for a couple of times, his face started to strain. Chanting the lines with a strained face he angrily unhooked his pant and tried to take off his t-shirt which got stuck in his face. It looked like a rhino trying to get a fly off his horn.

With much frustration, he finally took off the t-shirt.

He stripped himself down back to his boxers and then looked at the mirror again ” I am never going to enjoy just myself!” He looked sadly in his own eyes for a minute and then got cozy under the blanket on the bed.

A thudding sound shattered his slumber after an hour, but his eyes were still contemplating to open themselves. He turned around on the bed to look up and just this took him a good couple of minutes to maneuver.

As he looked up, he saw two guys with masks; rather the winter accessory that covers your whole face and leaves out the eyes, nose and your lips to sense and react, holding loaded pistols over his head. One of them was about his height (average) and the other one much taller and muscular. Both were wearing black masks, black tight t-shirts, black pants and black running shoes.

He knew the guns were real from his extensive first person shooting game experience. He shrugged back in his blanket and started crying profusely ” What do you guys want?? I have no money! My wallet is in the drawer in the wardrobe! Take what you want and leave me alone!”

The two guys looked at each other for a moment and started laughing. It took them a minute to come back to their act.

The shorter guy shouted “We are not here to rob you!”

“Then what you guys want?” he wailed

Now the taller, muscular one spoke “We want you to call your wife at her work, and tell her that you are going out of town for a business meeting and will be back in a week or so. Do it quick, or we will blow open your head!”

“But where do you guys want to take me?”

“He seems intelligent” The Shorter said to the Taller.

“That is for us to decide. First, you make the call!”

“But please, tell me what you guys are planning to do to me?”

Taller continued”listen, the instructions will come when they have to! Make the call quick now or we shoot you!”

“My mobile phone is on the table outside. Next to the television.”

“get it shorty!” instructed Taller

“Ya Ya, I am on it.” Shorter made the ‘blah blah’ face behind the taller

Shorter brought the mobile phone and threw it at him.

“Here, make the call quick. Also, be convincing!”

He made the call to his wife and told her that he is going out on a business meeting today and will be back in a week. His wife told him to not to worry about her and go on and call when he reaches.

Shorty snatched the phone from his hand as soon as he hung up.

“Don’t panic, that is his job!” exclaimed Taller.

“Are you guys part of any organization?”

“Yea, we are part of the ‘we screw whoever we like’ club and you are on our menu right now!”

“But I have nothing to give to you!”

“We have been following you for months now! We know everything is in your wife’s locker in the bank and you have the key! Since you,presumably, are out of town for business, she would not suspect you to be giving us the dough and you can convince her it was an Impostor!”

” I think you guys should kill me! I am not giving you anything! I am a worthless piece of shit anyways!” His eyes pointed to the ground.

Taller aims and shoots right next to his head, the bullet grazes his ear and lodges itself into the wall behind the bed.


“Fuck I missed, this has not happened in ages”

“You are getting rusty now!” smirked Shorter.

“Shut up and make him sit back up again, I will give it another try from some distance, need to boost up my confidence!”

Shorter helped him sit back up amidst his crying and wailing.

“I am gonna give you everything!” he exclaimed.

“Not needed anymore, my pride has come in my way” said Taller

“No No No NO NO NO! Please I Beg NO! Please I Beg NO!”  “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh”

“So then what bonus reward you have for us here today?!”

Thinking for a moment, he shouted ” You can take my car!”

“It is a brand new minivan, You can sell it for some cash”

Taller started to think! It looked as if he was really going to kill him but the minivan offering melted his heart!

“Okay, your minivan saved your life! Now where is the key to the locker?”

” The key to the locker is in the wardrobe. There is a shoe box at the bottom right corner. Take the right shoe out and remove the sole. The key is safely kept there!”

Shorty followed the instructions and found the key “Now you are talking!”

“Now fix your ear up, take a shower, dress up! we need to go clean up your locker!”

“Shorty, Stay with him while he cleans up!”

“Yes boss!”

Taller occupied the couch outside as Shorty helped him patch up his ear with an alcoholic solution and a band aid.

“Now go take a shower”

“I already took one before I went for the nap!”

“Okay, Okay, now don’t be a filthy animal and take the shower again as you might have pee’ed your pants while that bullet grazed your ear”

“Oh C’mon! I am clean! Let us go and get this done with!”

“You want another bullet and this time I promise it will not graze anything!”

“ok, ok, but are you gonna stand here while i shower?”

“Yes dumb bitch! I am standing here with my gun pointed at you. Also, No need to pull the shower curtain too! bathe nude right in front of me! Go on” Shorter screams!

The taller was slowly slouching into the couch, sipping the whiskey and savoring the nachos. He was watching the news.

Almost nearing the slumber, Shorter appeared not so gently.

“Boss, we are up and ready! lets go and get this done with soon!”

Taller stood up in a jiffy and all of them walked out of the door.

“The bank is almost 15 minutes drive.” He started the minivan.

“Good to know”

“Fatty! Do not be nervous! I am coming along with you in the bank! If you do anything that I do not like, and I mean even if you sneeze and I do not like it, I will drag you out like an animal, put you in the car, take you to the sea, chop you off and throw you in the sea with big stones! Never to be found again! Even your wife will never know what happened to you! You get it?”

Fatty was trembling with fear now. He, shaking a little, nodded yes to Taller.

Fatty came out of the car, parked 1 block away from the bank and started walking towards the bank. Every step was a predicament in its own. Every gaze was frightening and every breath was expensive! He reached the bank with a weird sense of confidence.

“that walk was so cruel to me! I need to toughen up! It is my own account! I can take money when I want!”

He opened the door of the bank and entered with a little more confidence in his walk.

Shorter was getting anxious.

“Will he be able to do it?”

“Seems doubtful! But taking a safe chance never disappoints!” said Taller.

A wait of half an hour and they see him walking towards the car with a small tote bag.

“Seems like success!” exclaimed Shorter

“hmm, let us wait for the final verification!” Taller calmed him down a bit.

“I thought you were more confident of success than I was! What happened?”

“Gotta keep a balance of thoughts! Moderation is the key!” Taller replied gazing intensely into shorter’s eyes.

“Sometimes, I absolutely do not get you!” Shorter accepted his verbal defeat. He was more eager to look into the bag.

As he approached the minivan, Shorter popped open the back door of the minivan.

“I think you guys should take off your masks, it looks suspicious with two guys wearing masks sitting intently in a minivan.”

Taller threw a black mask at him ” Be a part of the community yourself to feel the suspicious eyes around you! Give the bag to shorty.”

Before Taller could finish, Shorter lunged and grabbed the bag from him.

“You guys are turning me into one of you” he exclaimed.

“You just robbed your own account. You want more people noticing you did it yourself?” Taller said.

“Hmm, that makes sense!” He wore the mask and smirked weirdly.

Taller drove him to the airport and handed him a ticket.

“What is this?”

“Your ticket for your alibi. You need to be out of town for this to work without violence. You know what I mean?!”

He gasped at the ticket for a minute, then snatched it from Taller angrily and stepped out of the car.

“Later Fatty! or Maybe never!” Taller gave him a stern look and took a bundle of bills out of the bag.

“Here, you did a good job!”

He looked at the money and hesitantly accepted it and shoved it in his pocket.

Taller and Shorter left with his car.

He looked at the ticket and noticed the flight was in another hour exactly.

“I should cross the security check quickly to get this flight!” He said to himself and started walking towards the security line.

He had mixed feelings about today’s happenings! He felt a little dirty and that was kinda exciting. He had never had this feeling before. He had always been a good kid! This splash of filth on his character was troubling him a little, but the excitement of pulling out a con job, that also on his own wife, was a strange happy feeling! He looked at the dough and realized he cannot carry this much money on the flight!

He immediately ran to a counter and asked “Where do I find a locker to keep something I mistakenly brought with me and cannot carry on the plane?”

Organized Chaos – Episode 2 -The real secret!

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The brewery of a fragile mind!

The long nights don’t pass themselves

The misery does not ring the doorbell

The opportunity always asks for my self respect

The appreciation is a give and take concept

The liking is all about being something else

The responsibility is a count of my pulse


The time is only the observer

Winner is the real loser

The history just repeats itself

The society just deceits itself

God of small things just got assassinated

By the C.E.O of mature social administration

As he got himself designated

You are only a pawn on the board

You are stuck with a big baggage on the road

You might just make it big

But big is what they want you to be

Power is what you think you can just see

I am nothing but a shred of evolution

Soul is in the search of revolution

Understand where you might just end

Hope is just around that weird bend

Taking stuff in your hands

Makes you responsible for those lands

Trust is not what they think they do

The big people get beaten right around the bush

So sit back and watch the action

Coz u don’t want to risk the reaction

Entertain them as that is what you do

Or they might just bring down the curtains on you!

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Fragile

The Mediocre and the Elusive!

Mediocrity is about thinking that you know a lot and you own a lot, when you really do not! Now is the world of ‘free speech’ and ‘Internet!’ Everybody thinks they are ‘the one’! Watching news makes them think they know stuff! Reading blogs makes them know the mysteries of life! But does it, really?

What is to be known is that reality is everyone’s personal or influenced view!

Mediocrity is perceptual. Everybody thinks that they are supreme and everyone else is Mediocre! Whereas the truth is, and everybody knows the truth sub-consciously, that almost every one is Mediocre.

Mediocrity comes in all forms! You can be a Mediocre human in general, a Mediocre Engineer, a Mediocre Journalist etc.

The context here is ‘Money’, ‘Capital’, ‘Dough’ or whatever you call it!

The average common man with a job and a family to run is the lowest category of the capitalist mediocre.The average common man thinks that the internet revolution made him ‘global’, but he does not realize that he is not even ‘local’ anymore. Earlier, he used to believe his eyes and ears combined together with the ‘non-televised’, ‘from the horse’s mouth’ information. But, lately, he just believes everything on the Internet! His eyes are covered  with dreams of becoming rich! He is the worst kind of mediocre!

Mediocrity, today, has no escape! You have to feed yourself with information and you have no time! If you spent enough time and energy to find out who Mr. Donald Trump really is, with physical evidences of his past conducts and his business progress, then when will you find time to buy the groceries for the week? When will you party? When will you wash your car? When will you do the laundry? So, you quickly run through your bookmarked media and news sites to gaze through the latest on Mr. Trump and move on with the common opinion. Or maybe, sometimes you will find an odd opinion about him and yay or nay to it! But, that is it! You have so much microscopic data to analyze and organize on your plate that you forget that the microscopic data in everybody’s else’s plate is related to yours and needs the right communication and reasonable discussion!

Then, above the average commoners in the hierarchy of ‘the mediocre’ community, there are the ones who think that they are rich,  but they are not! They think that they are the ‘boss’ and need only a little more money to join the royal forces! They are the real hard workers! They spend their lives figuring out how to get to the Elites! The average common man also thinks that these are the most rich people on earth, but remember, he knows nothing!

Some of them do make it, to the top, but rather ‘the mediocre at the top’! Now this bunch is one rung higher than the one mentioned above and thinks that they are the richest on earth! These people are actually rich for most of us because they do have a lot of money and power, but they are one below the highest form of capitalist royalty – The Elusive Bunch!

The Elusive bunch has so much money that it is a joke to them! They live very personally knowing everyone else have already given up their privacy by buying free information on the Internet via social media, marketing, media, entertainment or a million other ways. They can and do buy media, governments, financial tycoons from time to time to have their wishes fulfilled. They own the world and the world does not even know! You are at their mercy directly or indirectly and you have no clue! This is the irony of us human beings with averagely endowed dough!

So remember, we are all monetarily Mediocre and the ones who are not, are Elusive!

But, ask yourself, is money that important?

Mediocrity is your comfort zone, staying there or rising beyond is a massively logical predicament!

“Mediocrity” is like a spot on a shirt, it never comes off! – Haruki Murakami

Picture Acknowledgement: Robert Williams – Conceptual Realism – Showcased at NY’s Tony Shafrazi Gallery in 2010



The old school quixotic buffoon!

The light at the end of the tunnel is scary,

The darkness is an ally, rather his best friend!

He does though, wants to fly like a bird over a prairie,

He likes his freedom of thought, scarred but chuffed!

He likes his life negotiated and fought from society snubs!

He likes to walk drunk with the devil’s first of kin,

He likes to lie down on the sage of thorns,

He likes to be his own meager kingpin!

But what does he love? He is unaware!

He is mentally disable, brain in a wheelchair!

May be he loves being the average quixotic rebel!

Unfortunately inheriting the mature ideal citizen’s sickle cell!

He carries a baggage of fresh idealistic contemplation,

This does not provide for his family’s expectation!

He knows it is going to be like this till the end!

But he thinks Ideology is real, He would like to defend!

Almost Immortal!

Living so long, almost being immortal!

Too young to be too old

Too old to be too fresh

Too fresh to be too stale

Too stale to be still alive

The wise with their wisdom

The naïve with their ignorance

The special with their weirdness

And the nothings with their emptiness

All perish with zilch to spare

Only a few days, and then nobody care

People living, people dying

People stabbing, people burning,

People hating, people loving

From liking a candy bar to hating the society

From loving the soulmate to hating oneself

From the scratch to the deep wound

From pain to healing to the deep agony again

From seeping to oozing blood

From creeping to lunging heartbeat

None and all of it matters!

The time acts like a frail little turtle

Seems like forever to be alive!!


Daily Post – Word Prompt – Frail!

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