Thoughts linger in the cold emptiness of the jungle of memories,
This illumination is a discourse of a bag of emotions run by the myriad colors of the memories in focus,
Tears fall across the subliminal lines of a smile on the caricature of facial skin,
Mixed emotions, but no regrets!
Pure Nostalgia!


The rambling of a creative buffoon

I lose focus with the same discipline as of a wounded mother trying to save her child. Yes, I lose focus on a watch. I watch myself lose focus and my head starts to churn strange concoctions of already stored visual, sound and smell memories. The world seems to change its color and notions. Sometimes it is bright and sunny, sometimes dark and humid, each beautiful in its own way. The richness of life stands entirely on knowledge, peace, love and respect. All this in just a gaze into the scenery around me, be it wherever. A lost gaze absconding in the rebel against focus. I want to stay here forever, but as they say, you should not lose FOCUS for long, or it ruins you!

Life Analogies

The confusion was as bewildered as the mid life crisis
The fear was as scary as a mother with menopause
The sorrow was as gloomy as every Sunday evening
The light was as bright as the pre death hallucination,
The violence was as bloody as the first period in a girl’s life,
The darkness was as blinding as the sun directly glaring into the eyes,
The chaos was as organized as Nature or God’s work !

Daily Prompt

Dominantly Powerful

About two years back in history, I saw the live stand up of my favorite comic then – Louie CK, when he came to Detroit. I was furious that he was wearing a suit, which was contrary to his philosophy of life and stand-up image (I was and am not sure if those two co-exist or not). He was funny with his life anecdotes and tragic but humorous sexual miscarriages, and he did explain, to my satisfaction, as to why he was wearing as suit. But, this dissatisfaction and its removal was just the tip of the iceberg! He was and I think still is, ignoring the recent reveal which is very hard to ignore and relate to his stand up stories, one of the best comic writers and performers in Hollywood. His glory came with his earlier stand-up and the wild rant about masturbating. His T.V. show ‘Louie’ was my favorite among everything funny I have ever watched in life. He used many philosophical layers in his humor and I absolutely loved it, but only until last year before his comic dominance over my humor frequency fizzled out when the stories of his ‘masturbating in front of some women (The count is five until now)’ came out. Therefore, my theory that Power (which in his life was being the top comedy writer and performer, and MONEY, of course) corrupts everyone. He was one of the few humans whom I thought was disconnected with the use of his name and image, but turns out he was not!

Therefore, a lot of us have these dark urges, which we either ignore completely or keep in check. The reason that we can accept for keeping a check on these DOMINANT urges is to be a good human being. Nevertheless, as soon as even a small amount of any category of Power (Money, Image, Acceptance, Love etc.) is realized, humans, these days, tend to exploit it. They become dominant and assume that no one is ever going to tell on their torn and dark conscious. However, Karma is a bitch! But, how does a human being go from normal to weird to dominantly abusive?

My theory is that we keep flexing our conscious every now and then to achieve some goal, personal or professional. We justify it in our own head and never speak of it. This keeps happening until one day some of it is abhorrently exposed or confronted. We live in a very complicated world now and everyone wants to get rich instantly. This makes us very vulnerable to becoming dominant because the common misconception is that if you ask dominantly, a large percentage of human beings are assumed to not to fight back and just submit to your demand. I find it much more comforting when someone does something out of Love or Respect. It creates the kind of Peace that makes me sleep at night. Dominance in knowledge is very healthy in a moment of making a decision, but no one is ready to live with the fuzzy logic of ‘Using only when necessary.’ The brain is trained to work in routines and hence once the feeling of being dominant is born, it stays and sometimes finishes one’s career in a momentary glitch.

So, my question still stands, is there anyone who did not compromise his or her conscious to become Powerful and DOMINANT? If not, then we really live in ‘Kali-yug’ – the age of downfall, as mentioned in the Hindu mythology.

Randomly, to quote the band Pearl Jam’s song ‘I am mine’ –

“And the feeling, it gets left behind, all the innocence lost at one time, significant behind the eyes, there is no need to hide!”

Because it explains that if you have lost your innocence, then be yourself and tell the world who you are, so that they can treat you accordingly. Do not just hide away and torture people at the expense of their trust, love, and helplessness or simply respect!

Always remember, you are not DOMINANT, it is just that people are loving, kind, tolerant and sometimes helpless. Start sewing your conscious now! Or maybe it is too late!

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Dominant

Organized Chaos – Episode 4 – Fateful Hate

There was a knock on the door at 9 am. Fatty opened the door and greeted Taller

“Hey man, How are you? Come in!”

Taller looked at Fatty with his frown pushed down to the limit of making the eyes as thin as a knife’s edge “You doing alright?” Then he looked inside the house “I heard your wife left you?!” Taller took a few steps ahead to reveal Shorter right behind him.

“Oh, Hey shortie! You came along !” Fatty finished his sentence with a confusing tone fading suddenly.

“Yeah, I am the muscle! I go where Taller goes! and only Taller can call me shorty! You fat little piece of shit!”

“Calm down my friend. Come in and have a seat”

Taller had already stepped inside. ” I like how you have done nothing to the set up after your wife has left”

“What do you mean?” asked Fatty

“I mean you are being yourself, that is all a man gotta do!” Taller walked towards the couch, pressed the cushion once and then sat on it comfortably.

“You think I had a land mine waiting under the couch?” Fatty remarked jokingly

“No, I thought you had an AIDS syringe maybe!” Taller was stern

Shorter laughed, pressed the cushion too, and sat down.

“So what would you gentleman like to have?” Fatty asked with a courteous smile

“I will have a whiskey on the rocks, whichever you got! Again, do not give me a choice. I hate choices!”

“and you my friend?” Fatty re-oriented his head towards Shorter

“I will have the same”

Taller re-oriented his head towards Shorter too and he gave him a ‘stop peer pressuring yourself’ look. The kind where his eyes retracted into their sockets and the herds of skin around his cheeks and forehead gathered for a talk.

Shorter kept looking into the thin air and started to whistle a little. Taller looked away in the opposite direction after a millisecond.

Fatty returned with 3 glasses of whiskey and placed them neatly on the table.

“Do not forget to use the coasters. I have just cleaned the house.”

Taller picked up his glass, sipped the whiskey and placed the glass right where he picked it from.

“Why are we here? We are not friends! We robbed you quite a while back. Why would you like to meet us again? What is your problem?” Taller’s pitch stayed at ‘answer soon or I will harm you’ baritone.

“I need your help. I need to find out where my wife is, and, what kind of life is she living! Also, I need evidence of her lifestyle. Pictures and videos would be helpful.”

Taller leaned forward to Fatty’s reply, then retracted back to the most comfortable he could be on the couch, crossed his legs, moved his eyes from Fatty to a corner of the room where some random pictures were hung “How much can you pay for this job?”

Fatty looked down and smirked and then looked back at Taller again “I think I paid you plenty already, But I will pay you 3000 dollars more.”

Taller smirked hiding it with his hand and then looked straight into Fatty’s eyes “You called me here. I did not come here for charity. I think you are a good guy and I will help you. But the right price is 10 grand. Not a penny less. Again, no choice here. Agree?”

Fatty shrugged a little and sat down exchanging ‘help me here’ looks with Shorter. Shorter just gave him the ‘I am with him’ look.

He put his head in his hands. It took him a moment to rise back up “Okay, I will pay you 3 grand now and the rest when you provide evidence. Is that alright?”

Taller smirked again, only this time he did not hide it “Great! Hand me the dough in a clean and new envelope and I am off to your investigation. I will call you in a week with the progress.”

Fatty went inside and got the money in a clean and new envelope and handed it over to Taller “Here you go! I trust you for no reason. I hope you are the man you seem to be!”

“I am a professional Business person. I never step back from my word.” Taller blabbered while getting up. Both Taller and Shorter shook hands with Fatty and left.

1 week later

Fatty was sitting on the couch and watching news on the t.v when the phone rang.

He looked at the phone and picked up smiling “Hey man, I was expecting your call anytime now. You are a professional Business person after all. Tell me, what do you have for me?”

“Your wife lives in New York  now. She rents a small place and works as an assistant at a small business office. They make office stuff, like envelopes, boxes and other stuff like that. She seems to be staying alone.” Taller replied calmly.

“Do you have evidence ? Videos? Pictures?”

“Yes, I do. I am leaving New York today and will be at your place on Friday this week. Evening at 5 mostly. Be ready with my payment”

Fatty was frowning for some reason but contained it in his speech “Sure. I want to thank you again for doing this.”

“No Problem, Just keep my money ready”. Taller was quick to hang up


Organized Chaos – Episode 3 – Late Insight

1 year later

Fatty’s body was lying in its own cast on the couch. The blanket was forming the border of his ponch and legs. His television was running but he had no clue what it was running. His soft chubby hands were lying dead on his ponch. His head was swallowed by the pillows. His eyes were pierced towards the window, where light was entering as the curtain was playing with the air.

“So it was a shimmering light of love from as far as I am from that window now but turned into a big pile of dust as soon as I got up and went towards it. Then I was supposed to clean it but I muddled myself with it for a while. Now I realize my marriage was a big mistake. I do not even know how It came down to a divorce so quickly! Maybe we never belonged together and maybe this is the new beginning!”

He closed his eyes, put his right hand on his face. His forehead turned into a criss-cross road leading nowhere and small round tears rolled down his chubby cheeks. He was sobbing, like a child who understands love but has just lost it!

Days went by and Fatty survived on canned food. He had a half grown beard, big dark circles beneath his sad eyes, and a peculiar smell which could be found in a pig sty as his new companions.

He was lying in the empty bathing tub with his chubby flesh pouring out like molten fat. He was looking at the shower in front of him and thinking of all the times he saw his wife with love and for a moment lost himself in the light of her beauty. “Her hair fell on her hips like a waterfall! Her eyes were these beaming brown balls of happiness! Her smile was this invitation to the love planet! She always smiled a lot! She always cared about me! She showed me how to stand on my feet and be a man! Her man! She always criticized me for the right reasons! Like what kinds of clothes look good on me! What kind of car I should drive! What kind of haircut I should get! ” His eyebrow lines started to frown as his brain started to churn out a long list of what she controlled about him.”What kind of food I should eat to stay fit! What kind of people I should hang out with! What kind of behavior I should have in my office!” The list was unending. In a strange twist of his self evaluation, He had fumbled upon his happiness! His frown changed into a smile “she is gone! I can do whatever I really want to do!”

He was now sitting on the couch “What should I do? Oo I always wanted to swim but never learned it!” He sprung up and ran to the bedroom to find his laptop.

He researched for an hour and found a good swimming class nearby. There was a different smile on his face now!

But as soon as he called them, and they told him it was 120 dollars per class, the smile went away!

“I am paying her more than half of my salary! She took all the savings we had! It was not much but I am left with month to month survival on half of what I get! How did it get to this?!” He face grew sad. He put his hands on his head. Then he put his hands back on the laptop keyboard and typed – ‘Cheap swimming classes nearby’.

As days passed by, Fatty grew more social again. He was trying to save a little on his own now and had been promoted in the office too. He had started to get his sanity back again. Around 6 months from the day of his self repair, He was standing at his bank manager’s desk

“So how much have I saved in the past six months?”

“You have saved around 3000 dollars. It is a good start. There was a time when your monthly earnings were not sufficient for your needs but you have really turned yourself around! That too twice! I personally think you have a great financial sensibility!” the bank manager was looking at him with strange proud eyes.

“I know! Tragedy happened to me twice! But both times I stood up and walked again. I do feel good now. After a very long time!” Fatty went on with his self praise “I always thought love was the final destination. Now I have found self indulgence and growth. I am happy, truly!”

The bank manager was trying to hide his yawn now. He disrupted Fatty’s self reckoning

“So do you know how is she doing these days?”

Fatty focused on his face with no intention of looking at him and then looked at the window in the room “I have no clue! She never visited, called or even texted after the settlement. All I have now is an account number where the money gets transferred to. She never even complained about the money even when I had paid late for a couple of times. Money was never her agenda! I think she just lost the trust in me. And that too being her own suspicious behavior being at large.”

“Wait!” interrupted the manager again “But if she was so not interested in your money, why is she getting more than half your salary now and has already vanished all your savings? ”

Fatty looked at him with mild anger now “I think you should not be so personal in my matter! She was angry at me! Maybe that drove her to take the money from me!”

“I was just putting a reasonable point across. I apologize if I crossed the line.” Bank Manager said gently.

Fatty looked away from him and pulled his lower lip up with a nod away from the manager.

“I have put all your financial details in this envelope. I want to ask you one last question. Everyone seems to be using the online account to keep a tab on their finances. Why do you visit me every month for a hard copy of it? Just being a little inquisitive here if you don’t mind telling!”

Fatty broke out of his window gaze and looked at him with a subtle smile ” First, I like perspective! Second, I like talking to you! It goes beyond the surface!” Fatty pulled his sagging pants up ” I think I should get going now. Time for my cheap swimming class.” Then he grinned, grabbed the envelope from Manager’s table and left.

A grilling swimming session had brought Fatty to a 10 min break before he could do another 5 laps. He was getting better. But today he had a new realization bugging his head “Did she want my money ? I was never involved in any affair! She thought I was having an affair with Debby, but I wasn’t really! And I have not seen Debby in the office for 3 months now! They spoke once and Debby gave a dubious version of my friendly behavior in the court! Then they both just disappeared?! I just hate all those weeks of fighting when she just did not listen to me. As if she was entirely someone else! She always gave at least one chance to what I had to say before that. Did she just want to run away from me? Was the affair just an excuse to leave me dry for whatever money I had and whatever I will ever make?” He had grown tired of all these thoughts. He called it a day and left the pool early.

He went back home and went straight to the garage.

“I need to get rid of all her things instantly” He was speaking to himself. Loud and clear.

“Everything that belongs to her needs to be out of this house”

“This house is mine! It is mine and mine alone!”

Suddenly, he just stopped rambling.

“The house is still mine. The house is still mine?” He kept thinking

“How can she not take the house or even mention it in the settlement?”

He was growing mysteriously confused now.

He sat down on the chair in the garage with his hands on his head and kept thinking

“I need to back it up. She met me through Mike in college. She did not respond to any kind of flirting or friendship in college. Then she met me in the mall some years after graduation” He was trying to remember everything about her since the time he set his eyes on her “This time she totally gave me all the signs of a connection. Oh Shit! She was pretending! She was never a person who could connect with me! How can somebody change so much after college! How can I not sense this then? Ahhhhhh…..”

He was growing very anxious of his own thoughts.

“So why would she pretend to like me? Money? What else could it be?”

He was burning with agony now. His stomach had started to churn a little and his teeth were clenched with anger.

“She always wanted to run away! She cheated me all along! I hate her!”

And then he just could not control himself “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

He screamed as if he did not care!

He kept screaming for a long time. Then coughed and ran to get some water. He drank like a thirsty dragon gulping pints of water at the only lake left on earth. Wiping the water off his face, which had grown sinister by now, he took out the mobile out of his pocket and started shuffling through contacts.

“Ah, it is still here!” His eyes had a strange glow now. The ‘T’ section of his contacts started with ‘Taller’.

Organized Chaos – Episode 2 – The Real Secret

Organized Chaos – Episode 1 – The Introduction

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Organized Chaos

Episode 1 – The Introduction

He sat alone in the house thinking he could get away by closing all doors like when he used to do as a kid! He was watching television as if nothing has changed.He was not thinking about anything but was purely engrossed into this bollywood drama where the climax was about to reveal the real killer. It seemed like a routine is being followed without the utmost care about the rampage about to surface!

He was sipping whiskey and munching on tacos and salsa. Heavy panting, deep breaths and a big ponch kept him company. He had been a good citizen, a great husband, an awesome manager and an average human being. For a moment of lapse of attention to the climactic drama, he gazed at the open window and the dust particles gleaming in the light entering. The curtains swinging and giving way to the fresh air. But then he thought ” Is the air really fresh? Or is it just the momentary amazement that makes me think it is?”

He smiled at his own thought and went back to munching tacos and salsa and returning all his energy back to the film playing on the television. This was his fourth drink, and he was on the verge of sleeping on the couch. His eyelids were on the mercy of the revelation of the real killer, resisting but not giving up! Eventually, he was snoring momentarily in half sleep when the door bell rang!This was unexpected! It brought him back to consciousness in a whiff!He sat back up on the couch, his boxers hanging from his butt, and his brain started concocting alibis to able him to ignore this knocking.

“Who comes to someone’s place at 2pm? They must know I am in the office! There is no need to open. I will just lie down and listen to the knocking until it fades away! ”

A smile emerged from this thought. He looked back at the television and the climax was already over! He had missed the final revelation after spending 2 hours watching the initial set up of characters.He gasped in discomfort and lapped back into the couch putting the blanket all over his body and his face. But he got up back again, pushed the blanket inside and rushed to the bathroom. Something had hit his mind all of a sudden!

He launched the biggest deuce he had ever experienced in his life as soon as he sat on the toilet seat. He could never take pressure, especially when it is generated from his stomach to the intestines! Maybe the momentary panic triggered this! Maybe it was about time! But whatever it was, it gave him the satisfaction of an empty stomach and the urge to eat more!

“The newspaper should be here somewhere!?” he said to himself. But he could not find it! And so he started to think while his intestines churned out the trash.

“I was always a happy kid. I was always loved by everyone, and still am! But why does this loving and caring is not able to fill the gap of freedom in my heart? Why do I lounge so much to find a day all for myself? and all I am able to do is sleep, eat and drink to my own! I need to use this day off more productively! I should go out and walk the city! I will form my own opinion of everyone and everything! Yes! ”

He went through the morning ablutions and got to the wardrobe to choose what to wear. He glanced into the mirror with the towel on and realized the mirror does not love him much! He looked like a big balloon of air with a head and limbs. He hated himself for this moment, but then turned towards the wardrobe and selected a red polo neck t-shirt and a beige pant with loafers for today’s adventure. This was the most fancy casual dressing thought that popped up in his mind. Actually this was the only time he had ever brushed his eloquence for the society. Now he looked at the mirror again ” I do not look that bad at all. Clothes do transform people!”

He opened a drawer to grab his wallet but found the welcrow opened. He suspected fowl for a minute but then moved on from the thought owing to the financial proficiency of his wallet. He was walking towards the door with the vigor of an elephant about to fight a dinosaur. He had not felt so exhilarated for such a long time now! He was ready for the warmth of the weekday sun and the cool breeze. He was ready for the hip and cool people of his city. He was ready to embrace change, a new and fresh change!

He opened the door and walked out like a boss.

“shit, it is too hot! I should go grab my goggles”

He went back and closed the door behind his back. From the time he started from the door to the time he reached the side drawer of his bedroom wardrobe to grab the goggles, his excitement died out! He looked at his bed and all he wanted to do was sleep. He looked in the mirror again “I am not going to lie down on that bed” he started saying to himself again and again.Repeating the line for a couple of times, his face started to strain. Chanting the lines with a strained face he angrily unhooked his pant and tried to take off his t-shirt which got stuck in his face. It looked like a rhino trying to get a fly off his horn.

With much frustration, he finally took off the t-shirt.

He stripped himself down back to his boxers and then looked at the mirror again ” I am never going to enjoy just myself!” He looked sadly in his own eyes for a minute and then got cozy under the blanket on the bed.

A thudding sound shattered his slumber after an hour, but his eyes were still contemplating to open themselves. He turned around on the bed to look up and just this took him a good couple of minutes to maneuver.

As he looked up, he saw two guys with masks; rather the winter accessory that covers your whole face and leaves out the eyes, nose and your lips to sense and react, holding loaded pistols over his head. One of them was about his height (average) and the other one much taller and muscular. Both were wearing black masks, black tight t-shirts, black pants and black running shoes.

He knew the guns were real from his extensive first person shooting game experience. He shrugged back in his blanket and started crying profusely ” What do you guys want?? I have no money! My wallet is in the drawer in the wardrobe! Take what you want and leave me alone!”

The two guys looked at each other for a moment and started laughing. It took them a minute to come back to their act.

The shorter guy shouted “We are not here to rob you!”

“Then what you guys want?” he wailed

Now the taller, muscular one spoke “We want you to call your wife at her work, and tell her that you are going out of town for a business meeting and will be back in a week or so. Do it quick, or we will blow open your head!”

“But where do you guys want to take me?”

“He seems intelligent” The Shorter said to the Taller.

“That is for us to decide. First, you make the call!”

“But please, tell me what you guys are planning to do to me?”

Taller continued”listen, the instructions will come when they have to! Make the call quick now or we shoot you!”

“My mobile phone is on the table outside. Next to the television.”

“get it shorty!” instructed Taller

“Ya Ya, I am on it.” Shorter made the ‘blah blah’ face behind the taller

Shorter brought the mobile phone and threw it at him.

“Here, make the call quick. Also, be convincing!”

He made the call to his wife and told her that he is going out on a business meeting today and will be back in a week. His wife told him to not to worry about her and go on and call when he reaches.

Shorty snatched the phone from his hand as soon as he hung up.

“Don’t panic, that is his job!” exclaimed Taller.

“Are you guys part of any organization?”

“Yea, we are part of the ‘we screw whoever we like’ club and you are on our menu right now!”

“But I have nothing to give to you!”

“We have been following you for months now! We know everything is in your wife’s locker in the bank and you have the key! Since you,presumably, are out of town for business, she would not suspect you to be giving us the dough and you can convince her it was an Impostor!”

” I think you guys should kill me! I am not giving you anything! I am a worthless piece of shit anyways!” His eyes pointed to the ground.

Taller aims and shoots right next to his head, the bullet grazes his ear and lodges itself into the wall behind the bed.


“Fuck I missed, this has not happened in ages”

“You are getting rusty now!” smirked Shorter.

“Shut up and make him sit back up again, I will give it another try from some distance, need to boost up my confidence!”

Shorter helped him sit back up amidst his crying and wailing.

“I am gonna give you everything!” he exclaimed.

“Not needed anymore, my pride has come in my way” said Taller

“No No No NO NO NO! Please I Beg NO! Please I Beg NO!”  “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh”

“So then what bonus reward you have for us here today?!”

Thinking for a moment, he shouted ” You can take my car!”

“It is a brand new minivan, You can sell it for some cash”

Taller started to think! It looked as if he was really going to kill him but the minivan offering melted his heart!

“Okay, your minivan saved your life! Now where is the key to the locker?”

” The key to the locker is in the wardrobe. There is a shoe box at the bottom right corner. Take the right shoe out and remove the sole. The key is safely kept there!”

Shorty followed the instructions and found the key “Now you are talking!”

“Now fix your ear up, take a shower, dress up! we need to go clean up your locker!”

“Shorty, Stay with him while he cleans up!”

“Yes boss!”

Taller occupied the couch outside as Shorty helped him patch up his ear with an alcoholic solution and a band aid.

“Now go take a shower”

“I already took one before I went for the nap!”

“Okay, Okay, now don’t be a filthy animal and take the shower again as you might have pee’ed your pants while that bullet grazed your ear”

“Oh C’mon! I am clean! Let us go and get this done with!”

“You want another bullet and this time I promise it will not graze anything!”

“ok, ok, but are you gonna stand here while i shower?”

“Yes dumb bitch! I am standing here with my gun pointed at you. Also, No need to pull the shower curtain too! bathe nude right in front of me! Go on” Shorter screams!

The taller was slowly slouching into the couch, sipping the whiskey and savoring the nachos. He was watching the news.

Almost nearing the slumber, Shorter appeared not so gently.

“Boss, we are up and ready! lets go and get this done with soon!”

Taller stood up in a jiffy and all of them walked out of the door.

“The bank is almost 15 minutes drive.” He started the minivan.

“Good to know”

“Fatty! Do not be nervous! I am coming along with you in the bank! If you do anything that I do not like, and I mean even if you sneeze and I do not like it, I will drag you out like an animal, put you in the car, take you to the sea, chop you off and throw you in the sea with big stones! Never to be found again! Even your wife will never know what happened to you! You get it?”

Fatty was trembling with fear now. He, shaking a little, nodded yes to Taller.

Fatty came out of the car, parked 1 block away from the bank and started walking towards the bank. Every step was a predicament in its own. Every gaze was frightening and every breath was expensive! He reached the bank with a weird sense of confidence.

“that walk was so cruel to me! I need to toughen up! It is my own account! I can take money when I want!”

He opened the door of the bank and entered with a little more confidence in his walk.

Shorter was getting anxious.

“Will he be able to do it?”

“Seems doubtful! But taking a safe chance never disappoints!” said Taller.

A wait of half an hour and they see him walking towards the car with a small tote bag.

“Seems like success!” exclaimed Shorter

“hmm, let us wait for the final verification!” Taller calmed him down a bit.

“I thought you were more confident of success than I was! What happened?”

“Gotta keep a balance of thoughts! Moderation is the key!” Taller replied gazing intensely into shorter’s eyes.

“Sometimes, I absolutely do not get you!” Shorter accepted his verbal defeat. He was more eager to look into the bag.

As he approached the minivan, Shorter popped open the back door of the minivan.

“I think you guys should take off your masks, it looks suspicious with two guys wearing masks sitting intently in a minivan.”

Taller threw a black mask at him ” Be a part of the community yourself to feel the suspicious eyes around you! Give the bag to shorty.”

Before Taller could finish, Shorter lunged and grabbed the bag from him.

“You guys are turning me into one of you” he exclaimed.

“You just robbed your own account. You want more people noticing you did it yourself?” Taller said.

“Hmm, that makes sense!” He wore the mask and smirked weirdly.

Taller drove him to the airport and handed him a ticket.

“What is this?”

“Your ticket for your alibi. You need to be out of town for this to work without violence. You know what I mean?!”

He gasped at the ticket for a minute, then snatched it from Taller angrily and stepped out of the car.

“Later Fatty! or Maybe never!” Taller gave him a stern look and took a bundle of bills out of the bag.

“Here, you did a good job!”

He looked at the money and hesitantly accepted it and shoved it in his pocket.

Taller and Shorter left with his car.

He looked at the ticket and noticed the flight was in another hour exactly.

“I should cross the security check quickly to get this flight!” He said to himself and started walking towards the security line.

He had mixed feelings about today’s happenings! He felt a little dirty and that was kinda exciting. He had never had this feeling before. He had always been a good kid! This splash of filth on his character was troubling him a little, but the excitement of pulling out a con job, that also on his own wife, was a strange happy feeling! He looked at the dough and realized he cannot carry this much money on the flight!

He immediately ran to a counter and asked “Where do I find a locker to keep something I mistakenly brought with me and cannot carry on the plane?”

Organized Chaos – Episode 2 -The real secret!

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Filthy













Should I scribble love or may I delve into heartbreak!

Should I vote the least debased or may I choose vote not to!

Should I pamper humans or may I abhor the inhumanity!

Should I clean the mess or may I be chaotically organized!

Should I fluff it up or may I be a realist!

Should I follow the rules or may I be a rebel for no cause!

Should I serve and rule or may I conquer and deplore!

Should I pomp and show or may I remain elusive!

Should I lounge and relax or may I blast the grandeur!

Should I live and let live or may I police all entity!

Should I be prepared or may I follow blindly!

Should I be capitalistic or may I indulge the Ideals!

Should I be myself or may I be myself!

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Or

The Chronicle of a feeble minded rebel!

Your worst dreams are your true friends!

It’s been too long chasing destiny. The hands are still tied and the future is a déjà vu.

The written prophecy has reached its demise; we think.

The human being, god’s ultimate creation, will cease to survive, just give it some time; we think.

But the tour de force is not limited to a human’s life, I think!

It is far and beyond!

The world is overflowing with interacting energies and unknown consonances.

The numerous coincidences will line up in order to destroy something he thought was pure and true, but rusted over time.

The silver lining is devil’s arena now.

No mercy in devil’s land, God’s just playing around somewhere!

Maybe the devil himself is playing God these days.

Then you think you have to keep growing and rising on the ladder of success

You do what you do to do what they tell you to do!

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