Please Yourself!

A lot of us may know the name "John Locke" from the famous TV series "Lost". But that lot might not remember his character's real name "Jeremy Bentham". His character went through a lot of pain during his life before the plane crashed into the island where he found himself absolved of all pain and... Continue Reading →


Writer’s Block – Absolute Denial!

I have not written in some time now. Whenever I tone my routine to sit down and write, I cannot think! and then I wander back to the daily quotidian tasks. Maybe I lost my capacitive stylus! Maybe I lost Interest! To ponder over what or who to blame for this unreasonable tragedy of sorts,... Continue Reading →

The Platonic Dream

I look into the eyes of the character and shake the hand, with the gratitude of a beggar being bestowed with a dollar, and the wisdom of a wolf with the prey in sight, My love for this world is platonic! It is devoid of the pleasures of the body, It is devoid of the monetary... Continue Reading →

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