The Perceptionist

It smells like a fire, a burning desire, dehydrating my soul constantly.

To Exist, or not to!

To Perceive, or not to!

Choices, they are an amalgamation of thoughts and experiences put to a test.

I Choose to Perceive and Exist, most of the times.

It Opens up the Soul next to me, and let’s me sip the Aura little by little.



You are Agile until someone deciphers your technique, puts it in a process and delivers to the highest bidder. Then, you are just a competitor to everyone who bought your process.

e.g. Facebook bought Instagram

So rich people win, even with a little bit of wit. Unless you open source it, then it is in the hands of all humanity to use and come out with an even better version.

e.g. Tesla open sources all of its patents to be used in good faith.

However, you are scared that it will fall into the hands of the evil! Nevertheless, Evil can be rich and can bid for it too! What it needs is a filter; a filter to filter out the evil!

But, have you defined your evil yet?

Or are you even Agile yet?

e.g. YOU!

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Almost everyone likes the short cut available with no legal, mental, physical or societal hassles! But, no short-cut ever created a loophole so clean that all these categories were satisfied and your conscious did not flex out even a little bit to accommodate any consequence whatsoever! Every one flexes their conscious to find loopholes or short cuts in real life. It is because everyone wants to make the most of everything in their lives. The consumer has so much knowledge at hand through the modern virtual God – Google and its numerous other deities online which help us with daily dose of loopholes to move around faster and quicker without the legal hassles. The mental, physical and societal part damage varies from individual to individual.

Some weird loopholes I found on the internet and through trusted sources are below. The only warning is to indulge in more info before implementing so that I do not share all the bad karma that your swearing will generate if it does not work! Just Joking! I do not care much! But ,do your research though –

  1. You can legally drink with your parents anywhere regardless of your age. Yup, this is one way to get drunk at the age of five, but, the trick is to however convince your parents for the same! All the best kids! The parents can order drinks for their kids and there is no law against that!
  2. If the loan sharks are behind repossessing your car due to defunct loan, just park it in the neighbor parking when they arrive. Contracts do not allow them to tow away a vehicle from an address not on the contract even if the car is visible.
  3. If you are flying spirit, and you have not bought the carry-on luggage online, you can still carry a bigger bag (slightly bigger and NOT check in bag size) if you have the confidence to look into the eye of the officials and still not invite them consciously to look at your bag size. The downsize of them finding out is at least 55 bucks and that is the risk to this mental loophole that your bag will not be found for fine!
  4. You can dig your own man cave as deep as possible when 1. you own the land and 2. do not come out of the other side on a Chinese man’s land. This depends on how seriously deep you want the man cave!
  5. A very sad loophole that I recently found through a personal source is re-adoption of children. Parents can put their children for re-adoption if they are not happy with the ones they adopted. This should be a serious crime as these children go from home to home and are inflicted with serious mental trauma due to his hopping around. I hope this one closes soon!

The best loophole that I would like to find is towards a meaningful life. A loophole that makes my passion run through a short cut and arrive at the destination it wants. This can definitely happen if you look for the right loopholes and not the ones that make your lazy conscious serve itself! So go out, and get the life loophole!

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After the morning ablutions, I like to make tea. I start with a pan with the right kind of distorted lower lip shape at one of its top end for easy pouring. I satiate it with water and tea leaves and escalate their chemistry by raising their temperature. When the tea leaves have colored the water their way, I add some grated ginger and cardamom to elevate the essence of their existence. Finally, I pour fresh milk into this boiling hot orgy and a reddish hue is created. Then I turn the heat up again for the final climax. Once this lustful creation reaches the right kind of kinky red and boils, I use a strainer to filter the body and drink the soul of it. Slurrrrrp! Ahhhh!

We humans filter everything every moment of our life! We filter other human behavior, our own emotions, our actions, our expressions and every entity we come across. We are so professional at filtering stuff that we do it sub-consciously! Not even knowing that we actually have a filter running at large! The unknown mysteriously acting filter that works on its own with a little help from our sleeping, dreamy part of the brain. Filtering helps though! It helps to keep us in check! It helps us behave the way society would not cast us as serial killers or psychopaths! There are a lot of very rare species of humans who do not like to filter their emotions and are very blunt in their approach! They are the bunch who believe in honesty and integrity and absolutely hate routine liars. Routine liars are the liars who lie at a daily level as they filter the thoughts and decide it is even easy to just lie that they had great food when they even did not give a thought to what the food tasted like when they were gorging on it! They are just happy they filled their stomach! I do not want to digress from the obvious elephant in the room, our governments!

One apocalyptic example of what our leaders have hid from us for a reasonably long time –

  1. When the U.S government’s B52 bomber was carrying nuclear bombs on board and split in  half in the air and dropped the bombs over Goldsboro, North Carolina. These bombs were 250 times more fatal than the ones dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki each. This happened in 1961 and the document was uncovered by Schlosser as part of his research into his new book on the nuclear arms race, Command and Control. He found that at least 700 accidents and incidents involving 1,250 nuclear weapons were recorded between 1950 and 1968 alone. There was only one simple dynamo technology switch between these bombs detonating away.Read more at the link Goldsboro Incident.

We, as citizens, do feel that we need to know everything! and If this news had gotten out at that point, there might have been a ban on nuclear weapons for everyone. But it came out at a time when everyone has already banked on the years of technology advancement and developed highly sophisticated bombs.The news that really matters is always told a little too late! When its importance among the decision making bodies is not relevant anymore! So perceptively, filtering is a way to hide certain thoughts for a certain period of time or forever because it will help you progress with the sinister or angelic plan of yours!

So, Truth becomes irrelevant to time!


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Organized Chaos – Episode 4 – Fateful Hate

There was a knock on the door at 9 am. Fatty opened the door and greeted Taller

“Hey man, How are you? Come in!”

Taller looked at Fatty with his frown pushed down to the limit of making the eyes as thin as a knife’s edge “You doing alright?” Then he looked inside the house “I heard your wife left you?!” Taller took a few steps ahead to reveal Shorter right behind him.

“Oh, Hey shortie! You came along !” Fatty finished his sentence with a confusing tone fading suddenly.

“Yeah, I am the muscle! I go where Taller goes! and only Taller can call me shorty! You fat little piece of shit!”

“Calm down my friend. Come in and have a seat”

Taller had already stepped inside. ” I like how you have done nothing to the set up after your wife has left”

“What do you mean?” asked Fatty

“I mean you are being yourself, that is all a man gotta do!” Taller walked towards the couch, pressed the cushion once and then sat on it comfortably.

“You think I had a land mine waiting under the couch?” Fatty remarked jokingly

“No, I thought you had an AIDS syringe maybe!” Taller was stern

Shorter laughed, pressed the cushion too, and sat down.

“So what would you gentleman like to have?” Fatty asked with a courteous smile

“I will have a whiskey on the rocks, whichever you got! Again, do not give me a choice. I hate choices!”

“and you my friend?” Fatty re-oriented his head towards Shorter

“I will have the same”

Taller re-oriented his head towards Shorter too and he gave him a ‘stop peer pressuring yourself’ look. The kind where his eyes retracted into their sockets and the herds of skin around his cheeks and forehead gathered for a talk.

Shorter kept looking into the thin air and started to whistle a little. Taller looked away in the opposite direction after a millisecond.

Fatty returned with 3 glasses of whiskey and placed them neatly on the table.

“Do not forget to use the coasters. I have just cleaned the house.”

Taller picked up his glass, sipped the whiskey and placed the glass right where he picked it from.

“Why are we here? We are not friends! We robbed you quite a while back. Why would you like to meet us again? What is your problem?” Taller’s pitch stayed at ‘answer soon or I will harm you’ baritone.

“I need your help. I need to find out where my wife is, and, what kind of life is she living! Also, I need evidence of her lifestyle. Pictures and videos would be helpful.”

Taller leaned forward to Fatty’s reply, then retracted back to the most comfortable he could be on the couch, crossed his legs, moved his eyes from Fatty to a corner of the room where some random pictures were hung “How much can you pay for this job?”

Fatty looked down and smirked and then looked back at Taller again “I think I paid you plenty already, But I will pay you 3000 dollars more.”

Taller smirked hiding it with his hand and then looked straight into Fatty’s eyes “You called me here. I did not come here for charity. I think you are a good guy and I will help you. But the right price is 10 grand. Not a penny less. Again, no choice here. Agree?”

Fatty shrugged a little and sat down exchanging ‘help me here’ looks with Shorter. Shorter just gave him the ‘I am with him’ look.

He put his head in his hands. It took him a moment to rise back up “Okay, I will pay you 3 grand now and the rest when you provide evidence. Is that alright?”

Taller smirked again, only this time he did not hide it “Great! Hand me the dough in a clean and new envelope and I am off to your investigation. I will call you in a week with the progress.”

Fatty went inside and got the money in a clean and new envelope and handed it over to Taller “Here you go! I trust you for no reason. I hope you are the man you seem to be!”

“I am a professional Business person. I never step back from my word.” Taller blabbered while getting up. Both Taller and Shorter shook hands with Fatty and left.

1 week later

Fatty was sitting on the couch and watching news on the t.v when the phone rang.

He looked at the phone and picked up smiling “Hey man, I was expecting your call anytime now. You are a professional Business person after all. Tell me, what do you have for me?”

“Your wife lives in New York  now. She rents a small place and works as an assistant at a small business office. They make office stuff, like envelopes, boxes and other stuff like that. She seems to be staying alone.” Taller replied calmly.

“Do you have evidence ? Videos? Pictures?”

“Yes, I do. I am leaving New York today and will be at your place on Friday this week. Evening at 5 mostly. Be ready with my payment”

Fatty was frowning for some reason but contained it in his speech “Sure. I want to thank you again for doing this.”

“No Problem, Just keep my money ready”. Taller was quick to hang up



Sometimes we anticipate a certain situation and it comes true too! It is an exhilarating moment in our lives and from that moment onward we think that we are wise or intelligent or devoted enough to predict the very near personal future, until we predict again and it does not come true! Somehow we never program our brain to stay neutral in terms of self glorification. If we agree to the fact that we cannot predict the near personal future a 100% and it only happens a few times out of the millionth prediction in our head, we will find that all the coincidences only align a few times in our lives. That is when we think that the prediction came true!

(I think a coincidence is actually everybody doing their own thing  which creates a weird and random barrage of events affecting our life and hence our predictions about it)

For example: Lets just say that I predict that I will get a salary raise of 30% this year. How did I come to this prediction? Well, the first criteria is how much salary an average engineer of my skill set and experience is earning. Then it comes to how much my manager likes me. Then there is HR negotiations which depends on a lot of company policies. Then there are external features like the Manager is sick and irritated personally and I hit him/ her up at the wrong time to ask about the raise! Another one would be the HR knowing that I am a submissive personality and they could seal the deal with less raise!

These are some of the criteria’s of prediction we can sniff early and control, maybe.

But then there are these absolutely absurd reasons of my salary hike screwing up!

For Example: I go through a bad trauma in my personal life (not related to work) and it changes my outlook about the world being a materialistic place and I am happy with whatever I am earning and I start donating more and paying less attention to the salary raise.

This means that we have to stick to Goals! Make short term and long term goals in life and stick to them like the pervert sticks to stalking!
The goals can be anything, not only earning more money!

You can set a goal to eat all the candies ever made on this earth, to make everybody who ever made a profile on Facebook your friend, to parallel park a car while drifting or to hike Mount Everest!

But all these fantasies require short term goals!

To eat all the candies on earth, you might need to first start making a list of all the candies you can find. Then find their distribution centers and order. Then there would be local candies which you can order online or you will have to plan a trip to all these local places to taste their candy!

Another example is the Detectorists! Detectorists are hobbyists who use metal detectors to walk large areas of land to scrounge different objects. It gives them pleasure to just go detecting different objects in an unknown area, the goal being finding a treasure or a historically valuable item. But following this hobby makes them get addicted to just exploring the land for hours and finding stuff like buttons, broken dolls, junk metal objects etc.

You can become a hobbyist regarding a passion you have or you can keep goals which are realistic to achieve within the set time limit.

For some humans, things come easy in life! They live and grow in a certain coincidental space and time where their wishes and desires are aligned with the events affecting them. Very rarely they will have a set back in what they are trying to achieve.

I think this happens because this group of humans follow a very defined path to achieve their goals. They absolutely do not tread on a path that is undefined and virgin in human existence. They stay happy with the rules and regulations set by the society.

For the other group suffering the calamity so often that they believe in “Nothing comes easy in my life”, the story is entirely different. I think they can be divided into 2 sub groups

  1. People who count even the smallest, most trivial failures as big hiccups in life.This group just cannot stay happy as they want a lot, but even a fumble while walking on the road is whined upon for days to come as bad luck! They might achieve what they want eventually but the negativity only increases throughout their life.
  2. The second group in this category would the ones who set a goal but live in a certain coincidental space and time where their goals are not aligned at all with the events affecting them. It is absolutely not their fault but only their existential environment (which they cannot alter as the coincidental alignment is not a physical condition which can be controlled, yet!). They know that their goals would not come easy. So they work hard and take smart steps to cover all the criteria they can to achieve their desired goal. This makes them grow and develop extreme stress management skills. This makes them find new paths in life which no body has tread before! I like to call this group of humans ‘The Pathfinders’

The Pathfinders are an eclectic bunch of enthusiasts who stop at nothing. They live for the adrenaline rush of the extreme and conquering it. They fail again and again only to get up and find even a smarter way every time to cover all the criteria of failure eventually. They develop a fuzzy logic of life, not the binary logic of everything being either black and white, but a tinge of every color mixing and producing an outcome is visible to them.

So what do you anticipate will happen to you today? Are you a Pathfinder or will you stick to the road laid long back by someone you do not know or care about?

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Anticipation


An Altered Thought to Marx’s Philosophy of “Capitalism, Dialectics and Alienation”

Karl Marx is known for the Marxist philosophy of combining Dialectics and Capitalism. Dialectics is the art of investigating and discussing opinions. Owing to the present age of Internet and free speech, everyone owns opinions these days. But not a big bunch actually sits down and discusses them in the total honesty of learning and harmonizing with the foreign thoughts and ideas.

High level Decision making discussions can turn out to be a product of False Power Tussles and Bloated Ego Predicaments. Mostly everybody is stuck in the viciousness of the Power and Capital Struggle. It could be any kind of Power –Religious, Governmental, Scholarly or Regional. I absolutely do not preach that Money and Power do not matter, but being intoxicated in an outrageous amount of Power and Money brings the embedded dreaded human qualities of anger, rage, extreme competitiveness and Maniacal thoughts to surface and stay until they consume your soul. Well, enough of a poor man’s view of Money and Power.

I just wish to expose that discussing an opinion will not make yours invalid or facilitate your arch nemesis’s taking over your Mental Aura. It will make you grow, as a person. Marxist Philosophy tries to capture the essence of quantifying the Dialectics and harmonize it with the Capitalism. In a lay man’s term, think and discuss the humanly fortunes and misfortunes before you go out there and take a step towards making some money. A vast majority of the population, today, works for someone else. Everyone understands the work but their actions are restricted by the Company policies, Timelines and Ethical and Moral codes. Having these in an organization makes it more productive and humane to work for. But every now and then, one realizes that the work could have been done faster or better if it was performed in a certain way but the opinion goes deaf on the Higher Authority’s ears. Seems like a cliched story from the 90’s? Well, it is a true story! But I think this Alienation of the Producer from the Product is vanishing very slowly and gradually.

Some of the Modern organizations do not just have capitalists in their Board, but they also have Scholars, Scientists and People having a lifetime of experience of the Product development in question. This, as I feel, has happened because the buyer became smarter by the day and now can surf almost anything online to find what is best and most suited to the needs. So organizations have started to grow their human assets who have years of work and experience beyond the line of just following orders to a place where they have a seat with the Board Members (Read Investors) to direct their decision making in a way that it makes sense even to the guy guarding their premises. So these Technical representatives in the highest of echelons are bridging the gap of alienation extensively experienced at the dawn of Industrialization. Again, not every organization followed this paradigm but the ones which did grew exponentially in the access to the buyer’s heart.

Also, the Entrepreneurs of today are a product of years of working for such organizations and know how to bridge the gap from top to bottom. This gives me hope for the future of the Industrious Society.

“It takes time to know yourself, It takes even more time to know someone else, and it takes a mammoth amount of time and effort to harmonize your ideas with theirs, But then the Essence of Growth is not easy to comprehend anyway!” – Wazir


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