Anthony Bourdain – The lost human-ness

The first time I encountered the name ‘Anthony Bourdain’ was when David Choe (an artist of Korean origin based in Los Angeles) did a portrait of him. I am immensely inspired and follow Choe’s work now and then, and his portrait sparked an inquisitive burn in my heart to know more about Anthony Bourdain. The... Continue Reading →



Dogs are the most Faithful creatures on earth, having a blind faith on their master! They never act against this character of theirs, unless they are sick in their minds! But how much freedom do they really have with this life of theirs? Would you like to be somebody's dog? Waiting for their love and mercy? Depending on their daily routine? Not knowing exactly what is happening, but following orders? Maybe you are already a dog! But it is alright if it feels good!

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