Distant Friend


Distant Friend,

I used to chitter chatter with you very often!

But you just seem to be becoming the “Once in a Blue Moon” sorta thing!

This abiotic commensalism seems to be losing its Essense!

I have been lacking the sense of ideas mandatory for the spark of camaraderie accompanying your friendship!

Welcome Back, My Distant Friend!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Friend

Daily Post Daily Prompt – Distant



Sitting in a bar, I said to him

” You see how these clouds keep passing us by?”

“Hmm”, He said

I continued….

“The clouds keep travelling miles and miles

Do you ever look at a cloud and find it familiar?

Do you ever realize that you have seen it before?

May be it keeps coming back to look at you, your situation!

May be it keeps coming back to put shade on you, and you never realize!

and may be it pours on you when you crave¬†the season’s first rain!

and may be it steps aside, when you need the sunshine in your life?!

Do you ever imagine that?”

“My sky is devoid of clouds”,he said


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