Writer’s Block – Absolute Denial!

I have not written in some time now. Whenever I tone my routine to sit down and write, I cannot think! and then I wander back to the daily quotidian tasks. Maybe I lost my capacitive stylus! Maybe I lost Interest! To ponder over what or who to blame for this unreasonable tragedy of sorts, today, I decided to sit down and think about this inability to generate synchronous thoughts pointed towards a single important goal – to write!

Google helped me search numerous articles to satiate my desire of writing again. So finally, I thought I will break the writer’s block by writing about it.

What is writer”s block? I think it is when you stop day dreaming! Period! When you look at the sky while driving and think nothing! When your only goal is to get through the day without flying in your dreams to the momentary happy stop you used to take every now and then!

Well, I found this essential paper published by Dr. Dennis Upper – “The Unsuccessful self-treatment of a case of ‘Writer’s Block’.


His unmistakably glorious paper shines enough light on this mental restraint and is the magnum opus of the effect of writer’ block, and of sarcasm too!

Writer’s blockĀ is a denial to expand your imagination to enjoy the flavors of everyday. It is a denial of the brain to generate thoughts that deviate from the task at hand. It is a denial of self thought! You need to run away from the mental streaming protocols and explore some weird angles about every moment! It is also a sub conscious hit to the confidence of concocting a written piece to your satisfaction! It could also be a fear of nonacceptance of your scribbled gibberish by the society. Whatever it is, figure it out and get to work! or leave the spaces empty! like Dr Upper.

Well, that is all I have! Maybe I should have also left some space empty to amplify my yearning to write! But that diligently intelligent piece of art is already taken by Dr Dennis Upper.

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