Anthony Bourdain – The lost human-ness

The first time I encountered the name ‘Anthony Bourdain’ was when David Choe (an artist of Korean origin based in Los Angeles) did a portrait of him. I am immensely inspired and follow Choe’s work now and then, and his portrait sparked an inquisitive burn in my heart to know more about Anthony Bourdain. The... Continue Reading →


The Pursuit of the Randomly Chaotic!

Every time is sometime a bad option Option is also an option to choose from To choose is to choose what feels right To feel is the feeling of a feel Taking a right doesn’t mean it is right Odd is oddly odd And even is evenly even Left is where you left me And... Continue Reading →

Somras – The Forbidden Elixir!

Contemplating to digest the content of a BBC documentary "The Story of India" a few months ago, which, during a conversation between the presenter and an old afghan native, described the ingredients of Somras!, brought my senses back to a chapter of the book "Immortals of Meluha" (Indian Mythological story given a try to be written in... Continue Reading →

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