Compromise, Maybe!

The length of the rope, which on one end has a stack of hope and the dark realm on the other, decides how long the balancing act is going to last. You do not remember exactly how you came this far with the longevity of balancing act, but you have been trying to balance it... Continue Reading →


Life Analogies

The confusion was as bewildered as the mid life crisis The fear was as scary as a mother with menopause The sorrow was as gloomy as every Sunday evening The light was as bright as the pre death hallucination, The violence was as bloody as the first period in a girl's life, The darkness was... Continue Reading →

Dominantly Powerful

About two years back in history, I saw the live stand up of my favorite comic then - Louie CK, when he came to Detroit. I was furious that he was wearing a suit, which was contrary to his philosophy of life and stand-up image (I was and am not sure if those two co-exist... Continue Reading →


The day is dry with faded insignia of a hot summer. Clouds are in the mood to pour, but holding on in fury. Crops are swinging in chaos. Wind is bleak and edgy. The scenery is a sad blues song. The heart skips a beat, but the mind refuses to accept defeat.  Rebellion is mostly... Continue Reading →

Please Yourself!

A lot of us may know the name "John Locke" from the famous TV series "Lost". But that lot might not remember his character's real name "Jeremy Bentham". His character went through a lot of pain during his life before the plane crashed into the island where he found himself absolved of all pain and... Continue Reading →


Should I scribble love or may I delve into heartbreak! Should I vote the least debased or may I choose vote not to! Should I pamper humans or may I abhor the inhumanity! Should I clean the mess or may I be chaotically organized! Should I fluff it up or may I be a realist!... Continue Reading →

Almost Immortal!

Living so long, almost being immortal! Too young to be too old Too old to be too fresh Too fresh to be too stale Too stale to be still alive The wise with their wisdom The naïve with their ignorance The special with their weirdness And the nothings with their emptiness All perish with zilch... Continue Reading →

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