The life is like a lake, stagnant. It only moves when a stone is lodged in its heart!

Society with its manners! Behavioral acceptance is at large! The underground weird cult is deemed anti-society!

The lumberjack is still cutting trees! or chopping them down! But he has a sense of global warming now! Riding his ethical dilemma!

The politician is still corrupt and famished for power, but democracy is the mask!

The common man is very uncommonly odd in the thoughts! Change is surprisingly slow, and life is as plain as the yogurt.

Hope against Hope! They all do! Hope against Hope!


Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Underground



The frequencies run into an inaudible noise!

The gestures render awkwardness!

But the time flies without uttering a word.

And the smiles run throughout, and deep!

We do not obsess, but we just understand!

We do not judge, but we just relate!

We do not shout, but we just listen!

We are together.

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Together!

The brewery of a fragile mind!

The long nights don’t pass themselves

The misery does not ring the doorbell

The opportunity always asks for my self respect

The appreciation is a give and take concept

The liking is all about being something else

The responsibility is a count of my pulse


The time is only the observer

Winner is the real loser

The history just repeats itself

The society just deceits itself

God of small things just got assassinated

By the C.E.O of mature social administration

As he got himself designated

You are only a pawn on the board

You are stuck with a big baggage on the road

You might just make it big

But big is what they want you to be

Power is what you think you can just see

I am nothing but a shred of evolution

Soul is in the search of revolution

Understand where you might just end

Hope is just around that weird bend

Taking stuff in your hands

Makes you responsible for those lands

Trust is not what they think they do

The big people get beaten right around the bush

So sit back and watch the action

Coz u don’t want to risk the reaction

Entertain them as that is what you do

Or they might just bring down the curtains on you!

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Fragile

Radical Indian Snake!

Early morning in the farmlands of an Indian Village, I was watching from some distance!

He sat with his feet placed firmly on 2 bricks and a small hole dug in between!

It was the most radical time and space of the whole day,

Time for some musing and loosing some extra pounds as well !

Time for shooting perfect cylindrical shaped infinite loops of art into the dug hole!

Time for being the scholarly reader of the local newspaper in his hands!

Time for the squatting and balancing and aiming and shooting!

It was going extremely artsy, the shape formed he could not even fathom to draw with his own hands!

The abstract art kept his attention for a while, then he fumbled upon his own reflection in a puddle in front of him!

As he began to Imagine his image grow into a handsome young fella, I, slinging and hissing, entered the puddle furiously!

His healthy free motion stopped, jaw almost dropped and he tried to reach for his bucket of water to wash off and run, but keeping my body in the puddle, I came too close and he froze in his place!

He could not think of anything, He could not move! The art sculpture hanging halfway from down there, He could not move the load anymore!

Everything froze, the time and space! I was having fun, hissing at his lips!

This weirdly satiated me and I released the adaptive ballast, a little in the puddle, the rest on his face!

He fainted instantly, with smelly loops hanging out of his bottom!

I washed myself in the puddle and slung away,

It had been a long time I ate that rabbit! I am hungry again!

P.S: I am a snake, and I pooped on the man! Radical, right?

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Radical!

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