Gordon Allport’s Contact theory was observed as a prejudiced approach towards mending ways between conflicting group of individuals.

I realized it off late that when someone says, ‘stay in touch’, it feels good. Acceptance and remembrance are the pillars of human interaction. In these two glorious phases, we dance like a monkey, we laugh like a king, we whine like a bitch and cry like a baby! Haven’t noticed yet? Well just wait to make a brand-new friend or find a brand-new passion. And then maybe indulge in remembering the best times you guys had together. The contact with the right frequency could magnify your life trajectories but contact with the wrong one could also throw a dark light on your odds and ebbs. The contact is a fuzzy logic of so many interactions, that bringing it down to the linear level of throwing two groups at each other to resolve the conflict does seem like a prejudiced situation.

Daily Prompt: Contact 


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