My Rhythm and Meter

My poetic rhythm is in resonance with the vibration of my heart!

It syncs with inconsistencies of emotions

Sometimes it’s ‘la di da di da’!

Rarely its ‘lub dub lub dub lub dub’!

And also the ‘thump baboom thump baboom’!


Its meter is a dictator of my own gestures

It harmonizes with the weirdness of my own movements,

Sometimes, it’s a poker-face to the question asked!

Otherwise it’s a smile when the focus is in requisition!

Rarely it’s the forehead-lines accurately depicting the pondering-over!

And also the subtle teeth reveal for an extended smile showing pride of being appreciated!


Its foot is the reverberation of my own unspoken words!

It is just a heavy sigh with the words held moment before the tongue initiates its process!

Falling into the abyss of my soul!

Important is what needs to be heard!

not what I really want to say!

P.S: Rhythm is the pattern of stresses in a line of verse.

Traditional forms of verse use established rhythmic patterns called meters (meter means “measure” in Greek), and that’s what meters are: pre-measured patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables.

Feet are the individual building blocks of meter.

To read more about Rhythm, meter and foot –

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Rhythmic



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