Memoir of a Philosophical Scientist

To err is human. To simplify is very human. To simplify for one’s own convenience is where the two intersect! There is no absolute, but relative! Relative to your upbringing! Relative to your environment! Relative to your hand print on someone else’s face! The only absolute is the fundamental, not the numbers! The only constant is the Principal! The outcome is just relative! Facts are your perception of an event in space and time! Being above and beyond takes me away from my progress in the society. The society wants my non agreement to agree with their herd’s opinion. But I cannot call them wrong only because I think I am a rebel! I need to listen and then walk away if they are wrong only if I cannot convince them off their fate! Well, they are not wholly wrong all the time, just that they are myopic! This apple is red – might be a fact! But it is relative to a pale or a less red apple! It is relative to the apple’s upbringing. It is also slightly relative to the apple farmer’s mood when he took care of those apple trees! It depends on how deep you want to delve!  You can either be a scientist or a philosopher. The combination requires humongous wisdom and diligence to carry it! Keep it simple, but do not forget the important details not mentioned in the simple! The devil resides in the details!

Occam’s razor (the philosophy of simplicity) is not to be followed blindly!

Occam Razor

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