Uneven ruminations of an employee

Every morning I get up and think,

I have left all behind me,

But that thought itself is the irony,

Of the bottled up memories,

And my head starts to hurt,

And something makes the loudest noise!

I cannot stand it but I do somehow,

Times heals everything some said,

Time steals everything I say!

But it still stays there with you

Only the black memory!

Only the gray feeling!

Only the cloud about to burst!

Unquenchable remains the thirst!


Time to come clean,

At least on the outside!

’cause inside it’s a mockery,

For everyone standing outside,

So I wake up and fake up!

And walk the road of emptiness!

Filled with practicality,

And punctuality,

’cause that’s what they want!

And that’s what I do!

’cause I am an employee!

Of everyone I know!

As faithful as a dog….

Daily Post – Daily prompt – Uneven

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Ruminate


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