Should I scribble love or may I delve into heartbreak!

Should I vote the least debased or may I choose vote not to!

Should I pamper humans or may I abhor the inhumanity!

Should I clean the mess or may I be chaotically organized!

Should I fluff it up or may I be a realist!

Should I follow the rules or may I be a rebel for no cause!

Should I serve and rule or may I conquer and deplore!

Should I pomp and show or may I remain elusive!

Should I lounge and relax or may I blast the grandeur!

Should I live and let live or may I police all entity!

Should I be prepared or may I follow blindly!

Should I be capitalistic or may I indulge the Ideals!

Should I be myself or may I be myself!

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Or


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