The Chronicle of a feeble minded rebel!

Your worst dreams are your true friends!

It’s been too long chasing destiny. The hands are still tied and the future is a déjà vu.

The written prophecy has reached its demise; we think.

The human being, god’s ultimate creation, will cease to survive, just give it some time; we think.

But the tour de force is not limited to a human’s life, I think!

It is far and beyond!

The world is overflowing with interacting energies and unknown consonances.

The numerous coincidences will line up in order to destroy something he thought was pure and true, but rusted over time.

The silver lining is devil’s arena now.

No mercy in devil’s land, God’s just playing around somewhere!

Maybe the devil himself is playing God these days.

Then you think you have to keep growing and rising on the ladder of success

You do what you do to do what they tell you to do!


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