The Pursuit of the Randomly Chaotic!

Every time is sometime a bad option

Option is also an option to choose from

To choose is to choose what feels right

To feel is the feeling of a feel

Taking a right doesn’t mean it is right

Odd is oddly odd

And even is evenly even

Left is where you left me

And to complicate I feel totally complicated

Life is all about living

And death is all about dying

To take is to give and to give is to take

Listening to the right tune is all about tuning to the right channel

Channeling a thought takes thinking

Thinking about you makes me think

Thoughts cross my mind like butterflies in a cloud of smoke

Who needs stuff to get high?


P.S : This poem is the generalization of the feelings of a chaotic mind trying to justify a randomly bad decision resulting in an extreme predicament!


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