Life Layers!

‘Keep it simple’, everyone keeps asserting! ‘Every entity is to be shredded down to the simplest details so that everyone can understand!’

I absolutely do not think that everyone is entitled or even interested to understand everything! I feel one needs to understand all layers of the job at hand, and then simplify for oneself!

If a simplified version is shoved down your throat, you will never try to disassemble the layers and understand deeply. Now, things change with time, and not knowing about the skeletons in the deeper closet of what you are about to update, you will only be able to apply changes w.r.t the simplest understanding that you have about this entity! The knowledge of the deep trenches would enable you to update it perfectly with time!

I think the real thought was to simplify things for yourself, but do remember to note down the important deeper points which would need to be updated with time!

One such entity is Religion! In my opinion. when any religion was formed, the common population did not either have the mentality or the intellect to understand all of its teachings. But as the Individuals who formed these religions are looked at – ‘ Godly, Saintly, with super natural powers’, what I think they really did was to simplify their teachings w.r.t the demand of that time. But, again, they were teachers, not preachers and hence they did not market themselves to the common folks. They just interacted with them and told them what they thought would make the most sense to solve their problems. The humans at that time were very impressed with these teachings and followed everything with the highest level of honesty and devotion. But one flaw caused these Religions to be controlled by the Capitalistic society later, its non-understanding to the deepest level by the common folks. These ‘Gods’ and/or “Sons of Gods” as a high percentage of human population revere to them, wrote the ‘Holy Books’ to record their findings and understanding of life! It was their perspective, and they never asked anybody to follow it! But what they could have done was to explain, in detail, why or how they ended upon writing such an important document about life, and its layers! They should have found  a way to communicate it across the passage of time efficiently!

Also, Science was not available/ accepted to explain at least a percentage of any Religion at that time either!

One Religion/ or Community that did a great job at his was Buddhism!

The below mentioned 4 elements are part of Buddhist teachings:

1) listening to yourself
2) using silence as a part of speech
3) listening to others
4) speaking slowly, clearly, and concisely

Example: A girl was sitting in a coffee shop with a friend. She said” I am partnering with a new company!” What she expected was a big congratulations from her friend but instead got ““Have you thought about what happens if it doesn’t work out?”

This bummed her out, but she took a pause, and thought about her friend’s personality and surprisingly now, her question made much more sense, as she knew that her friend just gave out an opinion according to how she will react to this situation!

She replied “When you asked me that question, it made me feel frustrated.”

This example goes on to demonstrate that Buddhism taught generic principals, if followed, would never be affected by time!

The advancement of anything with time will never affect your ability to listening to yourself, taking a pause to think between a conversation, listening to others and speaking with caution. These qualities solve a lot of life situations of miscommunication and misunderstanding! They lead to a reasonable discussion of a subject!

There were different kinds of teachers too, we call them Scientists, Discoverers, Inventors and Philosophers. But if you want to know their teachings, you will have to read their books. Most of them were particularly not very interested in simplifying their theories for everyone. They did simplify it to the level where the deeper intricacies were not touched by this simplification!  They never said they were super humans, but had high level of IQ ,as proved by the science.

To sum up, the layers of life are to be unfolded by yourself and not by someone who existed back in time or present or will exist in the future! It is you who has to find the best options available which make you satisfied and reasonable in your daily routines!

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Layers!

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