The Contemporary Revolutionist!

There was a time when he used to be free. Actually, there were moments. Small moments. Then things went wrong. He went to strange extremities to fix them. Some worked, some didn’t. He has a tendency to run, physically and metaphorically. So when it was the moment to fight, he ran. He ran far. He is still here. He has stolen his own silence. He wishes to run away, further. He wishes to hide, up there or maybe below somewhere. And never return. They say karma is a bitch, He says it’s just the payback u never expected! They say time heals everything, He says time steals everything and one learns to pretend eventually! They say there will be peace; He hopes to get a piece. The sorrow grows bigger when denied. Its becomes mammoth when not even recognized. They own hi m. They try to run him. So he runs away. He does not fight, because they taught him not to.

He dreams a lot, even when he is wide awake. He dreams of people dying. He dreams of living his life with the people he loves. He creates his own situations with them. He creates his own dream world. Wide awake. The good news is that he can still separate the dreams from reality. But he knows in sometime, he will lose that ability. Because when sometimes he thinks that something really happened, and it turns out to be dream, it scares him. Maybe it will never happen. Maybe it will happen tomorrow. Maybe he is not even reading this! He will come back to check later!


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