Bon Voyage!

I keep waiting for the call. I keep waiting for the light. It is not real, I know. It is in my heart. It is pure, I know. It is the pursuit of pure happiness. It is like poetry, surreal imagination.

It will be a voyage of epic proportions. It will be a journey of my lifetime. It will arrive, soon.

I have heard that some humans longed for it all their lifetime, but it did not come.

But I am not afraid to wait. I am not afraid to grab it once it hints its arrival. The likelihood of its occurrence is highly unlikely, but the highly unlikely is always more likely to happen anyways!

This voyage will give me wings of imagination; it will induce the muscles of experience, it will fill the void of emptiness, it will empty my half-filled glass of water and fill it with somras!

This journey will push me off the edge and then I will fly over the fields of confusion and misery and reach the barn of intrigue and control.

The light will blind me of my doubts and I will smell the fragrance of clarity then!

The tunnel of anxiety will end and I will arrive at the junction I need to refill my calm at! Then I will carry on!

It will last a lifetime, and it will create the time of my life!

Bo Voyage, to myself!

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Voyage


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