Opening my Pandora’s Box

The Pandora’s Box is always OPEN and I happen to look into it daily to choose a skeleton, take it out, play with it for a while, Grind it finely to a powdered form, burn it and let the cloud of its smoke mix freely into the omnipresent air.

Memories cleansed, Closures achieved, happiness reformed and all set to bring in the new skeletons.


Some skeletons tend to run away again. So, I come back with a changed perspective to OPEN the Pandora’s box again and always find them back there. Then I try to run the same process again.

Well, It is always better to never let the skeletons be born at the first place, but, then being indulgent and not intelligent tends to make my past make skeletons at a rate India makes babies!

I welcome my past with an OPEN heart and purge it in the forgiveness pyre. The history tends to repeat itself, they say; I say, we repeat our past because we did it at the first place because we liked it and we are always going to like it no matter how much we try to run away from it!

So, OPENNESS and forgiveness is ever changing and never ending!

And besides, it seems to be fun purging the past demons, or spending some time with their shameful and guilt ridden tales! 

Daily Post – Daily Prompts – OPEN


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