Nature is a vast mystical entity to capture. It is a harmony of innumerable orderly chaotic sub-entities. It is a poetry in its own time and space. It is a song being written and played at the same time. It is a melody in your head which you absolutely love, but do not understand!  It is an echo across the hall which strikes back and gives you goosebumps! It is a phenomena you claim is Godly! It is an amalgamation of the plethora of different living and non-living empires and their stories! It is a perception, to each its own!

It is in your nature to act like you want to, like you need to or maybe like you are forced to! Well, the latter is basically against your nature! It is a balance of the rainbow of thoughts that cloud your head every split second! It is the bigger picture, beautiful or ugly!  It is Everything but Nothing ! It is the Whole !



The Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Natural


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