Fighting the Waves!

Sitting in front of the ocean shore, I said

It always felt like the other end was an unfolding!

It always felt like there was hope and wisdom there!

It always felt like the sun and the moon resided there!

With their warmth and cool, their hope and beauty!

And so, I started swimming, to this other side,

With thoughts of finding the treasure of my life,

With strokes of strength and loads of breath,

The waves became high and mighty on my way,

I fought them like a warrior with no dismay,

Sometimes, I changed my way to stay away from them too!

I did not stop to look, and I did not even take relax and soothe!

I kept swimming and fighting the waves, and forging my way ahead,

To reach this other side of forgiveness and happiness!

This pursuit took me almost all my life!

And when I reached there, I found blank, zilch, nothing!

It was the same place where I had started!

Now, when I think about it, the ocean was just some kind of mirror, very deep mirror!

Maybe, there was somebody on the other side who did the same,

And reached my side to realize my realization!


Maybe you were not supposed to fight the waves! He said

Then what was I supposed to do? I asked

Maybe you just needed to be a part of them,

Maybe you just needed to stop for a bit and relax,

And look around, talk, listen, drown a bit and then survive again!

What a wasteful regression this has been! I thought!

Cheers to this thought! I will try it next lifetime, maybe!, I said

Daily Post – Voyage – Daily Prompt



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