Sunday, the Bitch!

Every Sunday I wake up with a determined thought, I will make it fun! By the time I recover from the Saturday night Escapades of Bad Decisions, Strangely Deep Discussions and the Camaraderie of the Drunken Rebels, the sun is already looking down on me. Sunday noon is the time when this Sinking, Damp, Sad story starts to Concoct itself in my Head. My Brain starts to send these Protocols to my body and my Heart hates them. So the continuous tussle between them makes me wonder whether to keep thinking about the Dreaded Monday Blues lying ahead or make the most of it before it strikes.

Somebody once told me that if you finished your job properly on Friday, Then you will have peace on Sunday. But then Friday is FRIDAY! Enough said! Friday’s Pandora’s Box’s Elaboration requires a write up of enormous proportions in the context of the Pursuit of the ‘Naughty and Subtly Evil’ Happiness.

So, by now I have already thought of the various snakes and ladders in my way ahead in the week and in this process, almost horrifyingly cupped myself in a small space looking into the thin space. Suddenly, my Brain sends some additional Distress Signals – Laundry, Have you done it? Food, what are you going to do about the food for next week? Dishes, Dishes are lying dirty in the sink! Car, your car looks like a dirty old cougar! Bills! You forgot to pay the bills!!?

My Head, which is already being punished from last night’s Wicked La-La land visit, now starts to Gyrate in directions deemed Impossible in the Kinematics and Dynamics of Humanly Possible Feats. Trying to calm down, I make a list of tasks which can still be performed and will make me go through the week with lesser hassles. Then I Embark upon the task of Sunday Ablutions before I head out on this Remarkable journey of Momentary Adulthood, Maturity and Responsibility.

By the time I am done with one fourth of the list which I thought I would bring to an end in a matter of couple of hours, its 10 pm.

10 pm on a Sunday night has its own importance in my life. It is the time I have planned since the onset of my working adult-teenage-ism to go down in bed every Sunday, but never achieved in real! It is a dream which has not come true and I know will never happen. But, being buffoonish, I still hope it does! Some day! And now, at 10 pm, I realize that I have eaten nothing all day! In fact I am so thirsty and dry that I cannot even produce saliva anymore! This makes me go into a Hunger-Thirst Coma and I end up at the fastest food joint (read unhealthy, I mean, really unhealthy!) and fill my stomach up like a hungry pig feasting on shit! Does not matter where the shit came from, the pig is hungry, and it will have its way!

Eating makes me full and I am happy to think that retiring to bed now will make me achieve the target to be sleeping closest to 10 pm. But as soon as I lie down on the Bed, I am wide awake and fresh & Energized as it is Friday Night! Contemplating sleep, I become the social media slave and spend the last few hours of the Sunday Trauma mindlessly wandering through Inspirational quotes and Personal nudity (Read Fitness) being preached by the Women –who-want-to-be-famous-fast all over the Internet. I never realize when I fall asleep. Good Night Sunday, I will not like to, but definitely come back in a week’s time! Bitch!

P.S: Karma is a bigger Bitch! But let us talk about it later!

Image: Oliver Burkeman’s – This Column will change your life – Sad Sundays!

-The Guardian






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