An Altered Thought to Marx’s Philosophy of “Capitalism, Dialectics and Alienation”

Karl Marx is known for the Marxist philosophy of combining Dialectics and Capitalism. Dialectics is the art of investigating and discussing opinions. Owing to the present age of Internet and free speech, everyone owns opinions these days. But not a big bunch actually sits down and discusses them in the total honesty of learning and harmonizing with the foreign thoughts and ideas.

High level Decision making discussions can turn out to be a product of False Power Tussles and Bloated Ego Predicaments. Mostly everybody is stuck in the viciousness of the Power and Capital Struggle. It could be any kind of Power –Religious, Governmental, Scholarly or Regional. I absolutely do not preach that Money and Power do not matter, but being intoxicated in an outrageous amount of Power and Money brings the embedded dreaded human qualities of anger, rage, extreme competitiveness and Maniacal thoughts to surface and stay until they consume your soul. Well, enough of a poor man’s view of Money and Power.

I just wish to expose that discussing an opinion will not make yours invalid or facilitate your arch nemesis’s taking over your Mental Aura. It will make you grow, as a person. Marxist Philosophy tries to capture the essence of quantifying the Dialectics and harmonize it with the Capitalism. In a lay man’s term, think and discuss the humanly fortunes and misfortunes before you go out there and take a step towards making some money. A vast majority of the population, today, works for someone else. Everyone understands the work but their actions are restricted by the Company policies, Timelines and Ethical and Moral codes. Having these in an organization makes it more productive and humane to work for. But every now and then, one realizes that the work could have been done faster or better if it was performed in a certain way but the opinion goes deaf on the Higher Authority’s ears. Seems like a cliched story from the 90’s? Well, it is a true story! But I think this Alienation of the Producer from the Product is vanishing very slowly and gradually.

Some of the Modern organizations do not just have capitalists in their Board, but they also have Scholars, Scientists and People having a lifetime of experience of the Product development in question. This, as I feel, has happened because the buyer became smarter by the day and now can surf almost anything online to find what is best and most suited to the needs. So organizations have started to grow their human assets who have years of work and experience beyond the line of just following orders to a place where they have a seat with the Board Members (Read Investors) to direct their decision making in a way that it makes sense even to the guy guarding their premises. So these Technical representatives in the highest of echelons are bridging the gap of alienation extensively experienced at the dawn of Industrialization. Again, not every organization followed this paradigm but the ones which did grew exponentially in the access to the buyer’s heart.

Also, the Entrepreneurs of today are a product of years of working for such organizations and know how to bridge the gap from top to bottom. This gives me hope for the future of the Industrious Society.

“It takes time to know yourself, It takes even more time to know someone else, and it takes a mammoth amount of time and effort to harmonize your ideas with theirs, But then the Essence of Growth is not easy to comprehend anyway!” – Wazir



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