The Altered Thoughts!

Towards the end of Today, feasting upon a delicious blog on EYELASHROAMING, my mind started to stray into a barrage of altered thoughts about the Altered Thoughts!

I replied to her blog, but still felt an insatiable  pinch in my head. So I decided upon elaborating my theory about the ‘Thought Deviation from the Standards’ here.

‘The altered state’ for me is an accommodation where some humans casually resign most of the time, when the utmost attention is required! I think it is a form of rebellion from the sub-conscious demanding a different tone to the present environment.


A different tone could only be asked for, if it has been tasted before. So this form of sub conscious mental mutiny is subjective to a beautiful mind devoid of following any type of standards laid down by absolutely anybody! The change in tone could be a bird gliding the dull blue sky, a squirrel eye balling your eatables and making hand gestures you will indulge yourself to understand, a different greenish tint in the grass that soothes the eye, or maybe just the weird shape of clouds in the sky. The only reason to stay away from the present set up is to feel good. But, you know, you can force yourself to feel good with what is being presented to you, in front of you, too!

The only reason to run away mentally, that i can think of, is residual teenage angst! Contrary to general adult perception, I Absolutely Love It! It is not a blasphemous amount, but the microns of Juvenile Teenage Chutzpah that adds the delectable tint to your otherwise Basic Regulated Standard Life.

The altered state means not being submissive to the indulging antics of the surroundings which your indulgence is having difficulty to adhere to, but accepting it with your own Audacity.

Hallucinations are your own, take responsibility and make understanding!

A few lines I wrote a decade of mindlessness ago, I think, are needed now –

” The end will be the end. Well, the start was the start! It was always a thought to fly in my thoughts. It was always a need to stay in need. It was always an echo in my head, a thick smoke of ideas to be Immune and Exempt from the society’s Monkey-wrenching of my Indulgence. But now, I think it was just the Time, which took away the Innocence, the Honesty and the Thoughts! Now, there are Lists, and stuff to buy, and more stuff to Gobble! There is this Dire need to Struggle every moment even when you do not need to, Really! There is a False Excitement about something you do not even need to care about! And it will remain until the End arrives. And maybe, in the End, you will realize that it was all a Mistake, or maybe, you will still Gloat with what you did with your life. Finally, it will be your End and you will still be Unsatisfied. So why Worry today? Why do things that do not Matter to you anymore? Why live as a Puppet? GET OUT, and GET FREE!”




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